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21 Day Belly Burner Online Coaching Programme: For Women That Want To Lose Inches And Improve Energy Levels In Just 21 Days.

SPECIAL DEAL: This 21 Day Programme Only Costs £39 (for the first 10 places)

August 29, 2018 430-600 PM Room 204 (6).png

Here's what to expect:

✅ 3 x home workouts per week (a 3 week gym programme will be available as well)

✅ 3 week nutritional guidance plan

✅ Meal plan recipe guide

✅ Weekly check in

✅ Private group access

✅ Daily coaching & support

✅ Lose between 3cm and 5cm from your waist

✅ Improved energy levels

✅ Massive improvements in fitness and well-being

✅ NO diets, NO starvation, NO pills or shakes

Secure Your Place For Just £39

Plus I'll Give You A BONUS When You Join
Your Very Own 90 Recipe Cookbook 
(worth £19)

kebofit cookbook.png

Check out the results from previous programmes

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Secure Your Place For Just £39

Questions and Answers:

1. Is this for all levels?

Absolutely, this programme caters for all levels. 

2. Is this programme suitable for vegetarians?

The programme can be adapted to suit your own likes and dislikes. If you don't like a certain food, remove it and replace it with something from the food list that you do like.

3. Do I have to stay beyond the 21 days?

No. Absolutely no obligation to stay any longer.

4. Will I really notice the difference in 21 days?

Now this all depends on you. If you follow the plan, take on board the advice and are consistent with the programme for just 21 days you will see and feel the difference.

5. What kind of workouts can I expect?

You will be given 3 workouts per week. These will be posted inside the private group. 

There will be a beginner bodyweight workout, an intermediate option and a kettlebell workout option for those who have a kettlebell or are slightly more advanced with their training. 

A 3-week gym programme will also be available inside the group for you to take to the gym and finally start smashing those sessions

6. When does it start?

The 21 Day Belly Burner Programme starts on the 7th November.

7. How do I sign up?

Click the sign up button below, this will take you to the shopping cart, confirm payment and this will take you to a PayPal screen. It doesn't matter if you don't have a paypal account as you can just use the debit / credit card option.

Secure Your Place For Just £39

Plus I'll Give You A BONUS When You Join
Your Very Own 90 Recipe Cookbook 
(worth £19)

kebofit cookbook.png
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