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"I lost 9lb & dropped a dress size"


"The 20 minute workouts are perfect, they fit the lifestyle of having a small child"


"The impact on my life has been so good I have signed up for another year"


24/7 - 365 DAYS A YEAR


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Workout From Anywhere In The World

WHAT IS 365?

365 is a monthly coaching membership for men & women.


Perhaps you don't have access to a gym or maybe you are just intimidated by them?

Are you ready to stop trying to figure it all out yourself?

Excellent.... I've got your back

KEBOfit 365 uses a simple approach to food, fitness and lifestyle which helps you create a sustainable lifestyle, while removing your dependency on the bullshit diet industry, fat loss opinions, gimmicks, social media confusion and the 'politically correct'.


They've been brain washing the general public for years. It's time for you to take back control.

365 is all about strengthening your mind and belief in yourself as well as shaping and defining your body to help you look and feel your very best ALL year round. 

KEBOfit 365 is not just a run of the mill online membership it's an inclusive programme created to help you drop body fat, build lean muscle, have more energy and get in the shape of your life using the unique combination of kettlebell & bodyweight training.


As a valuable member of the team you'll discover the best ways to rapidly burn fat, build muscle, get stronger and supercharge your energy.


365 provides you with fat burning-muscle building bodyweight and kettlebell workouts that are fun and never boring.


You'll have support from the coach, follow along workouts that you can complete at a time that suits you and that you can follow from anywhere in the world at anytime, 365 days a year.

365 is perfect for the busy man or woman who just wants workouts on demand, nutrition advice and a community of support when they need it.

What does this mean for you:

  • Burn fat meaning that you'll finally get to shop for smaller clothes

  • Look & feel leaner & stronger meaning no more wobbly bits

  • Have more energy meaning you can chase the kids around and be more productive at work

  • Feel more confident about yourself meaning no longer feeling self-conscious

  • Get back in amazing shape from home, meaning no gym required


Get educated,

transform your lifestyle

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A simple approach to nutrition that is flexible enough that you can adapt to your lifestyle

Tasty, easy to make and cost effective recipes

Example meal plans and food lists to help build structure

Eating on the move and eating out troubleshooting and recommendations

No foods or drinks are banned. At last a plan you can actually enjoy

Suitable for shift and night-workers

Daily hints & tips


"If you have busy lives, fed up of confusing weight loss advice, then sign up for this you won't regret it. I lost 9lb on this plan and dropped a dress size last year. It will change the way you eat forever. Real good tasty food and workouts that burn fat and shape your body" ~ Ailsa

Get back in amazing shape

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On demand *kettlebell & bodyweight workouts available 24/7 - 365 days a year 

Exercise library with exercise demo videos and technical information so that you workout safely & effectively

All levels catered for

NEW Follow-along workouts with your expert coach added monthly

All workouts are designed to be completed in under 30 minutes - perfect for those with busy schedules

Goal supported programme

Simple, safe, effective joint friendly workouts that deliver powerful life changing results

Access to my 90 Day BODYFUEL Plan

Kettlebell Coaching learn how to use a kettlebell safely & effectively


"Massive thank you to Jason Brownlie! I have been following the plan for 4 weeks and have already had amazing results - I have lost a stone in weight, i'm down a dress size and feel fantastic. The 20 minute workouts are perfect for me as they fit in with the lifestyle of having a small child." ~ Wendy

Be motivated.

Be inspired.

Be supported.

Finishing Line


As a valued 365 member you have continuous support from the coach & community

You will never feel alone, or lack motivation with the coach & community supporting you through your transformation

You join a community of like-minded and supportive individuals embarking on the same journey, together the community empowers one another to reach their goals


Jason's online coaching got me training in the comfort and privacy of my own home, starting from zero fitness.

Working through the phases to sorting out my diet/nutrition, getting started with bodyweight workouts on the 21 day plan and after a few weeks onto kettlebell training.

Jason's online coaching programme has helped me to transform my attitude to exercise and subsequently become much healthier and fitter than i've ever been.

In only a few months I dropped a size in jeans and my body is getting leaner week by week as I continue to workout under his guidance.

I'm much stronger now, in body as well as mind. 

The programmes are really informative, easy to follow and I felt supported throughout.

You do have to be ready to work on reaching your goals though, it's challenging but in a way that makes it all manageable. 

I'm delighted to have found Jason's training and support ~ L Ewan, UK

24/7 Access From Anywhere in The World


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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will I need?

All you need is a willing body, kettlebell and a little bit of space. 365 gives you complete access to kettlebell & bodyweight workouts that you can follow at any time from home or the gym. Kettlebell coaching comes with your 365 membership.

How many days per week do I have to workout

You'll also have access to an entire library of over 150 kettlebell & bodyweight workouts that you can follow on demand. I recommend training 3 - 4 times alongside good nutritional habits to support your training for best results.

How long do workouts last?

Workouts are less than 30 minutes. They are recorded so you can catch up at a time that suits you.

What if I need feedback on exercises?

There is an exercise library inside the members area that breaks down every exercise and each one comes complete with a video demo. However you can always reach out if you'd like your exercise analysed.

How do you know this will work for me?

I don't. The only way it will work is if you put the work in. I've been in this industry since 2002. I'm not someone who started on Flakebook last year. I've been in the trenches, done the work for you and have seen hundreds of peoples lives change because of my programmes and membership.

I'm a beginner, will this be suitable?

Yes, any level of fitness can follow these workouts.

Is this for men & women?

Yes this is for both men and women.

Do I need a gym to do this?

No, a gym is not required everthing can be done from the comfort of your own home if you choose to do so. But if your gym has kettlebells then workouts can be followed there, it gets you out of the house ;)

This is a bit expensive, have you got anything cheaper?

To work with me 1 on 1 I charge £75 per hour with a minimum of 2 sessions a week. So if you've seen what you receive as part of your monthly membership and you don't go "WOW, thats amazing" then you WILL NOT be a good fit for KEBOfit 365 especially if you cannot see the value in what i'm giving you.

Do I need a Kettlebell?

365 gives you access to both kettlebell & bodyweight workouts. You don't necessarily need a kettlebell to begin with as there are bodyweight workouts available for you to follow. However there are non-technical follow along kettlebell workouts for you and if you want to take your kettlebell training to the next level, then coaching is available to you as part of your membership so that you can learn and practice the foundation lifts before taking on more challenging kettlebell workouts. Also, all graduates of the Kettlebell Academy are able to join LIVE Kettlebell workouts every week with the coach as part of your 365 membership.

What does my membership include?

365 is an exclusive monthly coaching membership that gives you 24/7 access to: - workouts on demand (bodyweight & kettlebell) - meal planners and food lists - exercise library - technical feed back on bodyweight exercises when you need it - members area - education portal - recipes on demand - fitness & nutrition tips - a community of likeminded people - support as and when you need it - Kettlebell Coaching - Access to my 90 Day BODYFUEL Online Coaching Plan

Who is 365 for?

365 is perfect for those who have a little training experience, are self-motivated and do not require much in the way of support. You just want workouts on demand, access to information and some support at the touch of a button.

How can I cancel my membership?

365 is billed automatically every 4-weeks. You can cancel at anytime through PayPal. Please note: If you cancel your membership after being billed, no refund can be given.


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£30 per month

  • 7 day welcome email course

  • Access to on demand kettlebell & bodyweight workouts

  • Live Weekly Kettlebell Training Sessions

  • Exercise Library

  • Meal Planner & Food Lists

  • Nutrition & Fitness Articles

  • ​Mindset Modules​

  • Private Members Area

  • 24/7 Access to Education Portal

  • Online Support

  • Access to Over 100 Recipes

  • Measurement & Goal Trackers

  • Kettlebell Coaching

  • Continuation Kettlebell Programmes

  • BONUS - All members have Access to my BODYFUEL 90 Day Plan (worth £129)