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Welcome To The Kettlebell Academy

The BODYFUEL Kettlebell Academy will help take your kettlebell knowledge and training to the next level. 

As you will see below, you have an entire menu at your fingertips. My advice would be to start from the top and work your way down.

When it comes to your kettlebell training, don't try and shortcut anything, start with module one and then onto module two etc. 

Don't go from a swing to a snatch. You have to learn and practice each of the foundation exercises until you are competent, so that you can progress the right way.


Each module will guide you and advise you what to do prior to moving onto the next module.


Kettlebell training is a skill and something you can take with you anywhere...even on holiday (if they have a gym with kettlebells)

If you have any questions, use the contact the coach form below. 

Side note: The Kettlebell Academy is Phase 3 of the BODYFUEL Programme. I highly recommend that you complete phase 1 and 2 prior to completing this phase.

Good luck and here's to your kettlebell success


Coach @ KEBOfit




The History Of Kettlebells

kb row.jpeg

Non-Technicals Kettlebell Row

kettlebell tgu.jpg

Module Three

The Turkish Get Up

woman kettlebell 12.jpg

Rest &


Image by Ivan Pergasi

Beginners Guide To Kettlebells

woman kb garden.jpg

Non-Technicals Kettlebell Lunge

kettlebell woman 4.jpg

Module Four

Clean & Press

Strong Woman

Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

kettlebell deadlift 1.jpg

Module One

Squat & Deadlift

kettlebell snatch.jpg

Module Five

Kettlebell Snatch

kettlebell woman .jpeg

Warming Up For Kettlebells

kb workout 2.jpg

Module Two

Kettlebell Swing

woman kettlebells 13.jpg

Cool down &



Got a question?

ask the coach

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No responsibility is accepted for any injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of this information or reliance upon it. it is the responsibility of users to satisfy themselves as to their medical and physical condition, in respect to undertaking the exercises, information and recommendations made. Irrespective of a user's medical or physical condition, no responsibility or liability is accepted for any injury, loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of undertaking these exercises or adopting the information and recommendations.
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