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starts on the 6th January



Finally, This Is Your Chance To Follow a Proven Programme That Will Use A Step By Step System To Make You Pounds Lighter, Have a LEANER & TIGHTER Bum, Hips, Thighs, Chest And Arms And Melt Away Those Inches So That You Have The Best 2020 Ever....

Programme Starts On The 6th January! Reserve Your Spot

Incredible Value - Only £99 for the full 6 weeks

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Let's smash this together as a team.

We are going to do this together. Starting a programme is always the hardest part and you need support, encouragement and accountability to succeed. 

With this programme, everyone starts at the same time and follows the same programme all delivered to you via our private members area where we will be encouraging and motivating each other.

Celebrating WINS is my thing 🏆

You can contact me via email or through the members area and you have access to all the other members when you need their support.

What is Fitter Body? (and how does it get me looking amazing and feeling great in 2020 & beyond?

I have created a tailored and structured fitness & fat loss workout programme that includes motivation, accountability and dynamic training; all designed to help you have more energy to run around with the kids and be more productive at work as well as get you the leaner, fitter and stronger body that you want in a safe and non-intimidating environment.

Family Walking On the Beach

Every workout session has been tried and tested by myself (an experienced and qualified coach) and past/current coaching clients and is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging, while torching maximum fat in minimum time. 

Every workout is suitable for beginners and intermediates and can be modified to make it easier or harder.

Whilst your workouts can be performed in the privacy of your own home, you will experience all the help and encouragement you need throughout the private members area and through contact with myself through email or the private group.

This means that you get a service and results familiar with having personal training sessions but at a fraction of the cost.

It's actually less than I would charge for one hours coaching. 

"But Jason....."

There's always a but...

And I know exactly what you're thinking....

"You have little to no time for yourself to get in shape"

"You have trouble sticking to a fitness routine"

"You hate working out for hours and hours at the gym seeing very little in return"

"You lack the motivation to get in shape"

"You don't know where to start"

Short answer >> I've got you covered. 

I have created a programme which uses the coveted AFTERBURN, which basically means you burn even more calories between 24 - 36 hours post workout. 

It's official - you can achieve faster fat loss in less than 20-30 minutes 3 - 5 times per week in a fun, energetic, non-intimidating workout. 

Plus you'll be melting unwanted fat whilst building a leaner body shape kicking you metabolism into high gear!

Since coming into the health and fitness industry after my own fat loss journey back in 2002 many fitness fads have come and gone

But one thing that still remains the same - the way our bodies work.

Programme starts on the 6th January Reserve Your Spot

Incredible Value - Only £99 for the full 6 weeks

Click the button below and reply with 'Count Me In' and i'll get the joining details to you

✅ Follow along bodyweight only workout videos 5 days a week

✅ Workout in the convenience and comfort of your own home

✅ 15 - 30 minute workouts that help build muscle and burn unwanted fat


What Extra Support Do I Receive?

In Addition To The Weekly Workouts Here Is How I Help You Achieve Such Amazing Results

  • Week 1: The importance of tracking - both food and body composition measurements

  • Week 2: Mindless snacking and how to take control with healthy snacks

  • Week 3: Alcohol and how to find balance so you can still enjoy whilst still achieving your weight loss goals 

  • ​Week 4: Post workout snack ideas and how this helps speed up recovery and target fat loss

  • ​Week 5: The importance of water and how to drink more of it to boost energy levels and stay focused

  • ​Week 6: Setting and smashing your next goal with new found confidence and belief

Heres What You Get On The 6 Week Programme

  • ​Drop 12-19lbs without having to starve yourself on rice cakes and lettuce

  • ​Drop 1-2 dress sizes

  • ​Get into the BEST Shape of your life

  • Lose 3-6 inches from your waist

  • Reduce cellulite from your legs

  • FAT LOSS WORKOUTS: 5 high calorie FAT BLASTING workouts complete with videos of each exercise so that you perform each one safely & effectively [value £199]

  • LIFESTYLE NUTRITION: My BODYFUEL nutrition programme offers customised meal prep / nutrition guidelines / example plans / shopping lists just based on your fat loss goals [value £149]

  • ULTIMATE FOCUS: Mindset, Focus and Motivation tools so that you stay on track throughout [value £129]

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Regular measurement and weight readings so we can make sure you hit your goals [value £49]

  • ​COMMUNITY: 24/7 access and support with the rest of the ladies inside the private members area where everyone helps, inspires, motivates each other [value £79]

  • TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PROGRAMME = £605 [but that's NOT what you need to pay!]

Programme starts on the 6th January  Reserve Your Spot

Incredible Value - Only £99 for the full 6 weeks

Click the button below and reply with 'Count Me In' and i'll get the joining details to you


This is NOT a diet or quick fix

You will NOT be peddled shakes

You will NOT be told to starve yourself 

The industry has confused you enough...

I will however tell you the truth and keep things simple

Get Ready For The Best Version Of You To Awaken


Because by becoming fitter, healthier, stronger, and more confident a new version of you will show up each day for your:

Partner / Husband - It will be like when you were younger and had so much FUN together

✅ Your kids - You will inspire them to achieve more and fall in love with exercise

✅ Your friends - They will feed off your energy and want to be around you

✅ Your boss/ work colleagues - New openings will be presented to you at work as people recognise your 'CAN DO' attitude

What Happens Once I've Signed Up?

Upon sign up you will receive your registration message which will direct you to the registration page. Once this is done you will receive a welcome email with all your instructions. Simple as that!!

If You Book Your Place TODAY Then You Will Also Receive These Extra Bonuses For FREE 😊


Would you like my cookbook for FREE as well [value £19]

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A FREE copy of my most downloaded book - The Secret Abs Report

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Programme starts on the 6th January Reserve Your Spot

Incredible Value - Only £99 for the full 6 weeks

Click the button below and reply with 'Count Me In' and i'll get the joining details to you

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