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Finally discover how to lose weight AND keep it off for good without BS fads, gimmicks or restrictive diets

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Inside the book you will learn:

Discover the most important phase to fat loss, more important than nutrition and exercise

Revealed: The Truth About Diets... Do They Really Work?

Why there's more to calories than just counting them

How just one weight loss device is ruining your progress and what to do instead

Why doing more cardio to burn fat is a mistake and what to do instead

The one simple fat loss tip that only 5% of people are doing

...and much more

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I have read all the info in your book and it is the first time I have really thought "yeah totally makes sense"


I have been in fitness for years and never really got to a point where I was 100% sure what I believed (so much and so many different opinions) and what actually worked.


Your book is right back to what is sensible and total logic. Recipes are great as well. Really hoping this can be a total lifestyle change for me ~ S Watt

About Jason

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Jason is a former overweight guy, dad, husband and coach to busy women across the UK and beyond. 

A rebel who is fed up of listening to the confusion and misinformation that holds us back. Jason is not afraid to stand up against an opinionated fitness and diet industry. 

Since 2007 Jason's coaching programmes have transformed the mindset, fitness, health, body shape and lifestyles of his clients from using a simple approach to nutrition and combining the unique blend of Kettlebell and Bodyweight training.

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