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They Told You It Wasn't Possible To Lose Fat And Get Fitter, Leaner And Stronger By Only Working Out For 20 Minutes, 3 Days A Week For 28 Days
Guess What.........They Lied!!

UK Trainer Creates A New Breakthrough System Where You Can Both Get Stronger and Lose Fat At The Same Time, This is Your Chance To Follow A Proven Kettlebell & Bodyweight Programme That Will Make You Pounds Lighter, Have A TIGHTER & FIRMER Chest, Bum, Legs And Arms Whilst Melting Those Inches Away


This System Manipulates The Post Workout 'Afterburn' Effect Allowing Busy Men and Women To Burn More Calories, Have More Energy And Feel 'Leaner' In Just 28 Days

Dear Friend


In the next few minutes I am going to share with you some revolutionary secrets that I have only ever shared with my 1 on 1 and Online Coaching Clients. 


I suppose you could say that you are about to gain the ultimate advantage over everyone else. 


You will be in the the 1% bracket of men and women that are eating as they want (good food) exercising less than their gym fanatic friends and getting 10 times the results that anyone else is getting. Pretty awesome huh? 

My name is Jason Brownlie, former overweight guy, dad to 2 gorgeous daughters, husband and online coach helping busy men and women get back in amazing shape, improve their health and feel more confident about themselves without having to turn their lives upside down to do it.

I am also an IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, which is why I created KEBOfit. My coaching programmes includes a powerful combination of Kettlebell & Bodyweight workouts.


I love what I do and my own personal struggles and experience has enabled me to help men and women who are in the same situation that I once was.


You're about to gain access to a little known secret that only a select few men and women actually know about.


A proven system that specifically torches fat, gets your metabolism working like it used to providing you with a  natural boost in energy levels and even has your body burning more calories at rest than ever before.


Those that are 'in the know' have never looked back.

Here's How I Can Help You:
Video Tutorials

Avoid injury, train safely and

effectively by watching demo

& tutorial videos of each exercise

Progressive Workouts

Never stop seeing results as you

progress to different kettlebell

& Bodyweight workouts as you improve.

Online Support

You don't have to go through this alone! If you have questions or want feedback on technique, i'm here to help.

Nutrition Guidance

Learn about nutrition and gain access to a library of tasty recipes. You'll never be stuck for ideas again!!

Say Goodbye To Calorie Counting And Diets - they suck!

The biggest problem that I come across with many of my clients is that they have been brainwashed into thinking that severely restricting calories is the most effective way to lose weight.


When your focus is on losing weight and not on losing fat, even though you can drop quite quickly there is a very high chance that it will come back (for reasons that I will go into later!) and it can come back with a vengeance and some....... 


Perhaps you have already experienced this?

Barry & Jane both transformed their body shapes using the KEBOfit 3 in 1 formula

Pick up this whole programme including ALL the bonuses below for only £47 


ONLY £47 Normally £99 (time sensitive offer)

I'd Like To Check A Couple Of Things With You First.....
  • Do you want to get in shape for a special event, wedding, anniversary or holiday without taking diet pills, silly shakes and restricting the food that you eat?

  • Do you get frustrated and stressed out when you struggle to find the time to get to the gym and do a 60 minute workout?

If you've answered YES to either of the above then keep reading, as this is definitely relevant to you.

This Proven System Was Actually Discovered By Accident!

You see, one of the reasons that I put this programme together is that I totally get the whole 'life is busy' statement.


Straight up, I really do!!


After all, I have 2 kids (3 and 12), run an online and offline business and finding time to workout is seriously challenging at times.


Which is why I wanted to help you take back control just as I have using the very system that I use to stay leaner, fitter and that allows me to compete in obstacle races.


"There just doesn't appear to be enough time!!"


Time is precious, I get that, so finding a way to get a 60 minute workout done in just 20 minutes has been one of my biggest and most enjoyable challenges to date.


I'll be honest with you I stumbled across this system by accident. It was in November 2005 and shortly after my eldest daughter was born. I was only just breaking into the fitness industry, I'd already been overweight in a previous life and it appeared those gym training days had gone and parenthood was in full effect, so me and my wife needed to find another way. 


We're Two Busy Parents Just Trying To Bring Two Young Kids Up As Well

In between night feeds, day feeds, nappies, full time jobs, studying (I was studying sports science at university), bath time, general running around like blue ass flies and I guess eating as well.


I started putting together short 20 minute body weight routines to do when the baby was in bed, after 6 weeks we had her sleeping through the night from 6pm until 6am the next morning, so it free'd up some time once she was down and once we'd got settled after a day's work. 


After just a few weeks, the effects of this kind of training were noticeable.


And so I started to log the workouts and improve on them, change them, make them more challenging.  




Well we added a second daughter to the clan and still use the same system today

The workouts have advanced, the addition of kettlebells in 2007 combined with bodyweight training have literally transformed my fitness, so much so i'm fitter now in my 40's than I ever was in my 20's. 


I suppose i'm not your average kind of coach... 


I mean 20 minute workouts, who knew? 


And all from throwing a load of exercises together and reaping the rewards and benefits from the fantastic results that came out of the training.


It totally went against everything I had been doing in the past, but I kind of realised that I was on to something and that there must be others out there with lives as hectic as me and my wife's. 


POW! - 20 Minute Workouts That Produced Amazing Results Were Born!!


So with a bit of fine tuning –  I ditched the exercises that seemed ineffective and kept with the ones that were getting the best results, using ourselves and then our clients as guinea pigs (The clients did not mind as they were getting amazing results as well)


Don't Let Anyone Hold You Back And Tell You Otherwise


There are many many myths which has been one of the ways that the fitness industry has tried (and in most cases been successful) brainwashing us into thinking that anything less than a 60 minute workout is a waste of time.


In fact they have tricked most into thinking that the more sweat you can wring out of your clothes = the more effective the workout has been. Let me tell you something..... they lied, it's a myth.


Truth time....


Men naturally have 7 - 8 x the concentration of testosterone that women do. 


How many men struggle to gain muscle? 


Probably the majority of the men you know. So, if they are struggling with this significant advantage, you are not going to turn into the hulk overnight I can assure you. 


Training wise, if you were to put in a few effective resistance workouts per week (bodyweight, kettlebells) and you add some serious metabolic active income that further enhances your stores of metabolic passive income over the long haul. 


You see, trying to reduce fat without some kind of lean muscle is a bit like putting in lots of billable hours.


With billable hours you make money while you're working, once you punch out you're no longer making money. 


The same thing goes for forms of training, take your traditional kind of cardio such as jogging on a treadmill for example in which you are simply burning calories. Once you stop jogging the calorie burning stops.... that's it, zilcho more will be burned.


Contrast this with interval or resistance interval training in which you do an all out effort for thirty seconds or so and then you rest or work at a moderate pace for thirty seconds then go hard again. 


15 - 20 minutes of this form of intense training is a metabolic powerhouse and the benefits last way longer after the workout is over.


This is known as the 'After burn' effect, where more calories are burned over a prolonged period after the workout has ended, often up to 48 hours after.

This method of training also brings faster endurance gains in the short term. 


Bottom line, if you are short on time then this is the kind of training you want to focus on if you're going to win the battle against fat loss.


Here's What's Included


(Instant Download and Videos)

Over 20 different 'demo' training videos showing you exactly how to perform each exercise

12 x kettlebell and bodyweight workouts, exercise images & descriptions of every exercise so that you get your technique right.

KEBOfit workouts help you to develop firmer, stronger legs and bum. 

KEBOfit workouts help you to create firmer, shapely arms, back and shoulders

KEBOfit workouts help you develop 'abs of steel'

KEBOfit workouts help you to boost your metabolism and keep your heart rate high in a fat burning zone

KEBOfit workouts train your body as one complete unit. Proven to burn up to 400 calories during a 20 minute workout!

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  • No more long, boring workouts, treadmill torture or frustrating "plateaus" 


  • ....Just a PROVEN system YOU can actually do from HOME as it automatically ADAPTS to make sure you are burning maximum fat, week after week.


  • AND...The best part is... It's ONLY going to take you 20 minutes, 3 times per week



Pick up this whole programme including ALL the bonuses below for only £47 


ONLY £47 Normally £99 (time sensitive offer)

5 Places Available
  • What equipment do I need?
    365 caters for those who want to workout at home, in a gym or a combination of the two. As a bare minimum just your own bodyweight will do to start. There are kettlebell workouts that you can follow from home as well if you want to progress your training. If you want the best of both worlds then you have access to multiple gym training programmes that will help you transform your fitness and body shape.
  • Will I have to eat rabbit food to lose weight?
    Absolutely not, i'm a coach who enjoys my food so i'm not going to tell you to live your life like a hermit. I will obviously promote the power of real food but you'll also learn how to balance that around life and circumstances that may arise.
  • Online training doesn't work?
    This is something I see a lot, does PT or Online Coaching actually work? Well, YEP of course it bloody does (I mean if your coach is any good hint hint) But why? Here's what I think are the top 3 reasons: 1 - Accountability Having someone to keep you on track when you're pissing around does help. A LOT I'd go as far as WITHOUT high level accountability, that almost FORCES you to do what you said you would.... You're GUARANTEED to fail 2 - Expertise Trying to 'go it alone' and 'do your own thing' Has led you to the result you have right now - which lets face it.....SUCKS Seeking someone out who's BEEN THERE, DONE IT and worn the proverbial t-shirt... AND has helped a lot of other people do the same Well that's just plain SMART My results speak for themselves 3 - 'Skin in the game' The very act of paying somebody.... generally will result in increased adherence Why? well as with any investment (that's what joining 365 is) you want a RETURN ON THAT INVESTMENT Read through those again my friend and you'll get an idea in to why my 365 academy just FLAT OUT WORKS and it works like gangbusters because it has all 3 aspects * I MAKE SURE you do the work you said you would with what I call INTENSE accountability (I mean imagine having me on your case 24/7 making sure you eat right and train right? - scary) * I'M DAMN GOOD AT WHAT I DO again my results speak for themselves * and because of that? I only work with those who are ready to make these changes. Listen you can keep pissing around with your cheap gym membership and £10 an hour personal trainers Or you can get head turning transformational results If THAT ^^ is what you're after? What have you got to lose? My 365 Academy can help you get there.
  • I'm a woman will I get big like the incredible hulk?
    No, not unless you are on the juice or start taking testosterone supplements and increasing you rdaily calorie intake to at least 3000kcals. It will just not happen.... however any wobbly bits/trouble areas you have will tighten up and you will become firmer and leaner.
  • When will I start seeing result?
    We are all unique and change in different ways, however it really depends on what your current level of fitness is like and how much you stick to the nutritional guidance. Put it this way you should start feeling more energised, less bloated and noticing small changes within the first 7 days.
  • 25 minutes doesn't seem very long, will I really see results?"
    I'm 100% sure. Believe it or not, when you work out at high intensity using weights as well, you literally turn your body into a fat burning furnace. Your metabilism will be 'supercharged' for 24-48 hours following the workout as well. I have tried and tested these workouts on myself, my online and offline clients. They are proven to work without fail.
  • How does 365 work?
    Think of 365 as the online course that has no real ending. With your membership you get access to the online private group, the members area, progressive training programmes, monthly newsletter, recipes, kettlebell coaching, endless support, accountability and guidance along the way.
  • Is this the right fit for me?
    If you are a man or woman who is fed up of dieting, confused about what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise for maximum impact and how to create a sustainable lifestyle change free from fads and diets... 365 is 100% for you.
  • Am I tied into a lengthy contract?
    If you decide you want to cancel then you can do this just before your next billing date. **Please note: Unfortunately there are no pro-rata refunds if you wish to cancel part way through a billing cycle on monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Will I get the support I need in a group environment?
    365 is created so that I can give you as close to 1:1 coaching as possible without the £500+ per month price tag. If you're active in the community, I will be on hand to answer your questions, give you technical feedback on your kettlebell technique and give you specific advice on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. You can also lean on the community for extra support or to celebrate your wins.
  • I'm still not sure, it's a bit expensive?
    365 isn't one of these £10 a month membership subscriptions. 365 is a coaching programme with a coach. You have unlimited access to both home & gym programmes, nutrition advice, recipes, fitness articles, on demand home workouts as well as real time support from your coach. To work with me 1 on 1 either online or face to face you'll be looking at investing £400+ per month in coaching. 365 doesn't even come close to that and offers so much more, with continuous support. If you've seen what's included as part of 365 and do not see the value in it, then this is probably not for you.


Pick up this whole programme including ALL the bonuses below for only £47 


ONLY £47 Normally £99 (time sensitive offer)

5 Places Available
START today and i'll give you these bonuses...

Bonus 1 (Value £99)


When your 28 Day BODYFUEL Nutrition Plan is combined with the exercise your body will start burning fat for fuel, improving muscle repair, building lean muscle, increasing energy levels as well as stoking your metabolism so that it is in full super charge mode.

Bonus 2 (Value £147)


This 28 day online programme of daily coaching emails will ensure that you stay accountable, motivated, fired up for the day ahead, have constant contact with your coach for support and advise. 


Plus you'll gain valuable knowledge about nutrition and fitness. Learn & get results at the same time.


These daily emails from me will have you getting the best results you could ever imagine within just 28 days.


You could say that this is the 'Secret Sauce' of the entire programme.

Bonus 3 (Value £27)


90 tasty recipes inside this amazing downloadable cookbook. 

Cookbook includes:

30 x Breakfasts

30 x Lunches

30 x Dinners



As well as all of the above you will also have access to our private KEBOfit community Facebook group, where you can connect with others and share tips advice and motivation.

Not bad for an investment of £47

5 Places Available




So i've lost 12lb and a whole dress size which i'm totally over the moon with! For me it's about what i've gained from this plan that means the most to me, I honestly feel like a different person. 

I have so much more energy, my skin and hair are healthier, I actually smile more and most of all I have my drive and determination back, something that has been missing for a long time.

I even summoned up the courage to a gym workout today!! That may not seem much to some people but thats unbelievably huge for me. 

The 28 days may be finishing, but i'm only just getting started. I cannot thank you enough Jason

Rachael MacArthur

17lbs and 20.5inches lost in 8 weeks!!! I am so pleased and can't believe the change in my attitude to health and fitness. This feels like it is becoming a way of life now!

Lynn Kennedy

11lb loss since starting the 4 week plan and one dress size down. Happy with that!

Cheryl Turner

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Let me help make your purchase easier. Look I know this system works, as do the hundreds of clients who have experienced these results for themsleves. 

I understand that you might still be skeptical, so I wan't to do everything I can to make this a no brainer, risk free decision for you. 


For that exact reason I have a 100% money back guarantee. 


If you follow the programme and guidelines set forth inside the nutritional manual and it's components, and still do not achieve the results you desire in terms of better quality sleep, better focus, increase in energy, inchloss, improved confidence and most importantly fat loss then you will get your money back. 


There are no hassles or hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund. 

You read that correct. If my programme fails to get you results in 28 days then email and I'll issue you a refund

ONLY £47 Normally £99 (time sensitive offer)

5 Places Available

If you're still reading at this point then I guess you are still interested. 


All I can tell you is to give it a go. You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain. 


I know you'll love it and i'm confident that inside 28 days you'll see some awesome results. 


Good Luck



Chat Live With Me Now And I'll Answer Any Questions You May Have...

P.S. Don't forget that you are covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If I fail to deliver you results then I will issue you with a refund. 


P.P.S. Take ACTION today and grab all the 'Action Taker' bonuses that come with this programme, including the 28 day meal planner, 28 days of coaching and motivational emails, the 90 recipe cookbook, 28 days of Kettlebell and Body weight workouts that can be done from your own home and of course the special bonus FREE access to the 'KEBOfit' Facebook Community Support Group, where you can interact with me personally, ask questions and get to know a whole KEBOfit community.

Please Note: The KEBOfit programme is an instantly downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped to your home. Once you have submitted your payment, the product will be sent instantly to your email inbox. 

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