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How you can finally win the battle against fat loss...

- A proper training programme

- good nutrition

- water

- sleep.

There is the answer that you are searching for?

OK so what are the questions I hear you asking with a confused look on your face.

How do I lose body fat?

How do I get 'toned'? (Hate that word BTW)

How do I improve my energy levels?

Let me tell you something that deep down you actually already know.

There is NO quick fix, pill, meal replacement supplement or 'cleanse' that can help you drop body fat, add lean muscle and become stronger, leaner and more confident.

These BS companies & MLM marketing scams are older than dirt.

Put it this way if someone tries to sell you you something (pills, shakes, lotions and potions) and they have ZERO nutrition or science background then I urge you to run as fast as you can the other way.

So what do you need to do?

You need to be prepared to put some serious hard graft in. You have to accept responsibility for where your health is right now and be prepared to get yourself out.

You need to be serious about making changes, if that's you keep on reading.

First up your overall diet needs to change, it needs revamping with fresh, whole foods with minimal ingredients.

I'm a firm believer in following an 80/20 rule, lets face it you've got to live a little, not even yours truly here is a saint so why should I preach to you something that I don't do myself.

Put it this way if you eat 3 big square meals a day (that's 21 per week) that allows for 4 meals that can stray off plan. Do this and you'll never need to worry about your weight again. Obviously be mindful and don't go into a binge frenzy.

If you can't eat an 80% real food diet each week then again I can only suggest you A) STOP with the excuses and B) You need to really tighten up initially

Moving on....

That word 'TONE' to me means that you want to be firmer, stronger and leaner and less wobbly, would I be right?

So basically you want to put on some lean muscle and burn fat.

To put it bluntly, the more muscle you have the more metabolic currency you have and this is how you finally win the battle against fat loss.

Muscle makes everything look better. You want that round firm bum? it all starts with built glutes and hamstrings. You want defined shoulders? you need to develop your deltoids.

Muscle fills in all the areas that are supposed to be there and helps you burn off the things that aren't supposed to be there.

You see muscle helps you burn fat at rest, which means you can eat more and not gain weight. Hello Carbs. A great thing for long term body composition maintenance.

"But Jason i'm a woman and don't want to resemble the hulk"

Here's the thing....

Men naturally have 7 - 8x the concentration of testosterone that women do.

How many men struggle to gain muscle?

Probably the majority of the men you know. So, if they are struggling with this significant advantage, you are not going to turn into the hulk overnight I can assure you.

Training wise, put in a few effective resistance workouts per week (bodyweight, kettlebells, free weight, olympic lifts) and you add some serious metabolic active income that further enhances your stores of metabolic passive income over the long haul.

You see, trying to reduce fat without some kind of lean muscle is a bit like putting in lots of billable hours. With billable hours you make money while you're working, once you punch out you're no longer making money.

The same thing goes for forms of training, take jogging on a treadmill in which you are simply burning calories. Once you stop jogging the calorie burning stops.

Contrast this with interval or resistance interval training in which you do an all out effort for thirty seconds or so and then you rest or work at a moderate pace for thirty seconds then go hard again.

15 - 20 minutes of this form of intense training is a metabolic powerhouse and the benefits last way longer after the workout is over. It also brings faster endurance gains in the short term.

It's not an easy process, it takes time and your commitment to change is paramount if this is going to work.

Ultimately this is the kind of training you want to focus on if you're going to win the battle against fat loss.

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Coach @ KEBOfit

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