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How to deal with the negative people in your life who don't understand and won't support you

Let's be honest we've all had a hater in our life at some point, it can be quite a hard thing to cope with, almost stressful at times having someone try and hold you back or criticize a choice or decision you have made, you almost start actually doubting yourself and whether they are right and you're just not good enough.

That's the power a hater can have over you.

I think one of the hardest things to get used to when I started coaching my outdoor training programme back in 2009, I was dealing with criticism and haters all the time. I was a new coach in a new city, I knew nobody and had to prove that I could get results for my clients.

Even now with an established offline and online coaching business, I continue to get negative people question my wily ways'

Most of the time it's keyboard warriors voicing their opinions, the internet has quite literally paved the way for people to be bolder because they can hide behind their laptops and devices.

It kind of gives them a free pass to say mean and hurtful things they would NEVER say to you in person.

Maybe you've experienced a hater or haters even?

It's pretty fair to say that my outspoken gob gets me in trouble at times due to stuff

that I've written or said - but I also know that this is a direct reflection of how many people i'm helping and serving.

You see - when you do a great job people MIGHT pat you on the back

they MIGHT tell a friend or two...

and they MIGHT give you some credit.

Here's the thing though....

If you accidentally do something wrong, and by doing this one tiny thing wrong then to them you INSTANTLY stand out like a wet fart in a church, these people will gladly jump on Flakebook, twitter or reply to an email and shout from the highest rooftop about what an IDIOT you are.

Here's where I stand right now and it's something I want to share and help you with....

No matter what type of good we try to do in this world there's always someone ready to hate us.... that's something that I need to face as a coach and you need to face.

they will make fun of us

they will gossip about us

they sure as hell will back stab us

they will take money from us

and they'll even try to ruin our reputation

It'll happen to us at one time or another, perhaps it already has hombre.

OK listen up, i'm going to tell you a short story...

It might just help you deal with the HATERS in your life...

It's the story about the eagle and the 'Mangy' Crow.

You see the eagles number one hater is the mangy crow.

Crows have a reputation for getting together in groups of three or four and ganging up on

the mighty eagle by attacking him from behind while flying.

How does the eagle handle this attack I hear you ask???

Well the eagle doesn't fight back, it's not his style....

The eagle simply flies higher and higher until it reaches an elevation where the crows can

no longer fly.

In other words and I suppose you could say the eagle 'Rises Above' his enemies.

This is probably the best example I can give you in how to deal with people that criticize you or try to bring you down.

Anytime you find yourself under attack there are basically two ways you can look

Ahead.... or behind

If you look behind, all you'll see are the mangy crows pecking at your tail while they drag

you down to their level.

This will sap up all your time, energy, and take you backwards in life.

But if you look ahead and do what the mighty eagle does and soar higher than your

enemies then the mangy crows will have no choice but to go and find another eagle

to attack.

Does that sound about right?

Like I said we will all deal with a hater in our life time, perhaps you already have or it's a continuing problem right now.

For example I bet you've tried to start a new diet or training programme, only to have

somebody in your so called 'close circle' try to drag you down to their level because they

don't have the drive or ambition to take care of themselves??

We've heard it all from friends and family, right??

"You're no fun anymore"

"Don't you want a slice of cake? One slice won't hurt you"

"You won't last"

"Come on, a little bit wont hurt you"

"Can't you just have some fun"

"You're boring"

Blah blah blah...... ALL NOISE!!

After all, misery loves company right?

there are three things I want to leave you with today


I figured this out a long time ago.... people always want to see you do good in life...

they just don't want you to do "better" than them.


Use a 48 hour rule....

whenever you get back stabbed, bitched about etc always wait 48 hours before

reacting or responding. Why?

Because the emotion of being hurt and taking it personal will diminish dramatically in 24

to 48 hours. Which means your response will be much more rational and logical - instead

of emotional.


If you're ready to soar high like a mighty eagle and look down on your rootin' tootin 'Mangy Crow' enemies then start your own total body transformation with my 90 Day Fitter Body Online Plan here: (bodyweight & kettlebell workouts)

I've got your back


Coach @ KEBOfit

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