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The ULTIMATE Guide to the Kettlebell Swing

JB double kettlebells

The benefits and appeal of kettlebell training are many and varied, and so, on occasion are the reservations people have about using them.

Many people’s first impression of the kettlebell are that it looks scary and dangerous.

Well looks can be deceptive as this could not be further from the truth.

Granted when you see someone throwing a huge ball of iron around the gym you could be forgiven for having this same misconception, but the truth is that it is actually one of the best forms of building true functional fitness and rehabilitating muscular imbalances and injuries.

Any piece of training equipment can be dangerous if not used with correct technique and understanding all of its training principles.

Any form of training is only as good the person using it or teaching it.

Yes a kettlebell needs to be treated with the utmost respect as it does place demands on the body that other forms of training do not.

The Kettlebell swing could be the king of the kettlebell exercises. It is usually the first pattern taught to new lifters after squat and deadlift show no problems and people can move correctly with loading at the hips.

Unfortunately so many so called "Kettlebell Experts" are teaching it ALL wrong, so wrong in fact that as a kettlebell teacher myself it gives me nightmares!!!

Never fear, JB is here to save the day.

Below you'll see how Kettlebell Swings are done incorrectly.