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Hill Sprints For Killer Conditioning

YES they are tough

YES they are hard work

YES they are tiring

YES you’ll be hanging out of your rear end after a sprint training session

.....and YES hill sprints will produce fantastic results in a very short space of time PERIOD!!!!!!

We live in a world where most people are time poor yet I still see so many people wasting so much time doing slow, steady workouts that barely get their heart rate up and usually the machine is doing most of the work for them anyway.

The bonus ball here is that by incorporating hill sprints into your training program takes up much less time but with all the advantages of better heart and lung health, improved circulation, better cognition, improved metabolism and the ideal body composition are some of the reasons that sprint training should be placed into your routine.

Sprint Training = Burn Fat (The easiest equation I could come up with)

Here are a few ways to get out of the “cardio trap” are: 1. Incorporate resistance training into your weekly training sessions.

Use High Intensity Resistance Training to ramp up the heart rate, train and firm muscles as well as burning a ton of calories post workout. 2. Perform interval conditioning sessions.

Use the bike, Fartlek training, skipping rope, kettlebells…the intervals can vary but the goal is to elevate your HR for a short amount of time and then recover, continuing the cycle with high intensity but a short duration.

This has been shown to burn more calories and also leave your metabolism elevated for over 24 hours post-workout. And #3….the main focus of this article…HILL SPRINTS

In fact sprints have been shown to increase Growth Hormone (GH) production and that GH surge helps to burn fat and enhances protein synthesis pathways by as much as a massive 230%!!

Yes you read that correct......230%!!

Here’s a few reasons why hill sprints will flat out kick your arse, and make you look great too! 1. Intensity 2. Getting outside in great weather 3. Huge endorphin rush 4. They work every muscle in your body 5. Functionality 6. Burn a ton of calories, during and after the workout 7. Short burst of intensity 8. Amazing benefits for your body composition 9. Get your legs lean and strong

10. Great training for your abs without doing crappy crunches

Here is a sample hill sprint training session you can do:

• 5 x 10 yards (rest 30 seconds in between)

• 4 x 20 yards (rest 45 seconds in between)

• 3 x 30 yards (rest 90 seconds in between)

• 2 x 40 yards (rest 90 seconds in between)

• 1 x 50 yards

So if you want to stand out like a wet fart in an elevator get yourself in the great outdoors, sack off the slow steady state cardio and go smash the resistance training sessions and find a hill and run up and down that a couple of times per week, I bet inside of a few weeks you will feel and see the changes in your body shape and fitness.


Coach @ KEBOfit

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