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The End of Diet Confusion

Are you sick of trying to figure out exactly how to eat for optimal health AND physical performance?

Let me tell you something, you're not alone.

With thousands of conflicting articles and 298,000,000 google search results for weight loss alone it seems like you can't eat anything anymore.

"Carbs are like Satan" VS "You have to eat carbs to train hard and be fit"

"Protein is essential for recovery, repair and muscle building" VS "Meat is going to cause cancer, your arteries to clog and you'll have a heart attack and perhaps your right leg will drop off"

It's absolutely crazy and leaves you feeling totally confused and helpless.

You sit there thinking, "this whole getting healthy and fit is so complicated, f*uck this, game over, i'm out"

Look, I don't blame you, chances are I felt the same back in my overweight days.

It's no wonder people run to the meal replacement or pop a pill reps!!!!

it doesn't have to be this way though.

You don't have to become one of these cult weirdos who practices a religious adherence to a certain diet and as you may have found out there are a lot of these ridiculous cult type diets about, right?

Many of these are about as much use as an inflatable dartboard anyway.

Look, you don't have to feel like your head is constantly spinning as you try to navigate the world of nutrition.

What i'm about to tell you is my opinion only.... everyone has one right?

As a dad and coach i'm able to maintain a lean frame year round, just by eating 3 big filling and nutrient packed meals a day and not having to survive on chicken breasts and broccoli.