3 Questions You Should Be Asking Before Eating Healthy And Getting Fit

When I decided to write this article I had to take myself right back to the very start of my own fat loss journey.

Sometimes it's easy to forget where you've come from and what it was like at the very beginning. However I remember it all.

- The fear of failing

- The lack of confidence

- The depression

- The unhappiness

- The constant fat jokes

- The wandering aimlessly round the gym not knowing where to start

- The lack of energy

- The ever expanding waistband

- The man boobs that wobbled when I walked

- Seeing myself in holiday photos and cringeing

- The XL shirts that I wore to hide what was underneath

So although some of this article may come across as being harsh or like a bit of tough love and you think i'm saying all this because I don't understand, then far from it....

I totally get it

I do understand

Because I've experienced it and I've used that experience to help primarily busy women from all walks of life take back control of their health, fitness and confidence.

But before you start moving forward we need a cunning plan...

Before you even get to nutrition and fitness, there are 3 phases that you need to have in place. You may not like these phases too much, but if you face them, they will impact your life in a HUGE way.

But first there is one thing that I and now YOU need to do....

OK brace yourself, this will sting a bit, but what i'm about to say to you is being said with YOU, your health and longevity on this planet in mind.

So Phase One of your fat loss action plan is this:


Your health and your body shape is where it is right now as a direct result of the decisions YOU have made up to this point.

You've made these choices all on your own.

No one else is to blame for your expanding waistline or your deteriorating health.


THIS is me giving you your wake up call.

You weren't expecting me to be soft?

Did you expect some fuzzy, cotton wool type words to comfort you and say

'don't worry, it's not your fault'

'I know work can be tough and the demands to do long hours stop you from working out'

'having a young family is tiring'

I'm not that kind of player.... to many coaches tip toe around everything.

Like I say i've been there and experienced it.

A few home truths will do you good because I bet nobody else is telling you this right now?

It is your fault and no one else's.

The sooner you accept responsibility and take full ownership for your own health the sooner you can start taking control of improving it.

What this boils down to is that so far you have NOT prioritized your health ahead of other things.

and instead of investing in your health you now just simply say

"I can't afford it"


"I don't have the time"

That's OK though as long as you take a step back and recognize this.

whether it's work, kids. stress, partner, going to the pub, drinking wine, eating crap

food - whatever you want to use as your excuse - it has all come before your

health and fitness in recent years.

You need to accept your reality...

and then move onto PHASE TWO of the fat loss plan

Your WHY....

- you want to get fit

- lose the belly

- have a firmer, leaner body shape

- more energy

- improved confidence

- Be a better role model to your kids

- You want to succeed at your job but your weight is holding you back

- You want to create new eating habits because the habits you have right now are out of control and making you gain fat and feel unhappy

How does that sound?

Would I have most of that right?

But my question to you is this?

How much of that is actually important to you?

Why is it important and how hard are you willing to work and what are you willing to sacrifice to make it happen?

Because let me tell you this.....

Don't even bother starting or committing to changing your fitness and nutrition until you have a strong enough reason for doing so.

Your mind needs to be right.

EVERYONE of us has a strong enough reason for wanting to change, however most just haven't dug deep enough and got down to the nitty gritty to realise what it actually is.

As humans we are creatures of habit

We love our little comfort zones

Most people, perhaps you included associate exercise with painful and hard work.

So why the hell would you want to start in the first place?


When you have that massive reason WHY you're going to start....

Not only do you get started but you push yourself beyond the limits of pain, the inconvenience, the sweat and most importantly you find the TIME to do it - time that you never used to think you had.

Because your WHY is so POWERFUL!!!

Some of the reasons WHY that I come across quite often include:

- The Summer holiday..... it's booked, paid for and you don't want to look like a fat middle aged man or woman on the beach

- Recent health scare - high blood pressure that you want to sort out before it gets any worse

- Want to be a role model to the kids - if they see you eating well and exercising they are much likely to be inspired and do the same

- Favourite items of clothing that you want to be able to slide back into again

- Want to feel more confident and happy in your own skin - you want the old you back

.......of course everyone is different and will have something unique and personal to them

So when you write down your reason make sure that it isn't too vague..

You need to get your knife out and dig deep into the REAL pain and get to the route cause rather than tip toe round the outside.

for example:

"I just want to lose some weight"


"because I want to look and feel better"


"because I hate feel