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Health and Fitness is a Lifestyle NOT an obsession

I was flicking through the Paloe Diet by Loren Cordain and as you do came across a folded page that i'd saved when first reading it, the corner pointed to a subject line and it read, "Exercise": A funny idea to hunter gatherers.

the excerpt read as follows:

" In the late 1980's, the world community became increasingly alarmed at the shrinking tropical rain forest in the Amazon basin (due to clear-cut logging, mining and industrialization). Politicians and environmentalists launched a host of programs to curb this deforestation and even brought native Amazon Indians to environmental conferences in New York City. At one such conference, a group of Indians came across joggers exercising in Central Park - and found this concept absolutely hilarious. That adults would run for no apparent reason was comically absurd to these practical hunters.

In their tropical forest home, every movement had a function and a purpose. What could possibly be gained from running to no destination, with no preadtors or enemies to escape from, and with nothing to capture."