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Health and Fitness is a Lifestyle NOT an obsession

I was flicking through the Paloe Diet by Loren Cordain and as you do came across a folded page that i'd saved when first reading it, the corner pointed to a subject line and it read, "Exercise": A funny idea to hunter gatherers.

the excerpt read as follows:

" In the late 1980's, the world community became increasingly alarmed at the shrinking tropical rain forest in the Amazon basin (due to clear-cut logging, mining and industrialization). Politicians and environmentalists launched a host of programs to curb this deforestation and even brought native Amazon Indians to environmental conferences in New York City. At one such conference, a group of Indians came across joggers exercising in Central Park - and found this concept absolutely hilarious. That adults would run for no apparent reason was comically absurd to these practical hunters.

In their tropical forest home, every movement had a function and a purpose. What could possibly be gained from running to no destination, with no preadtors or enemies to escape from, and with nothing to capture."

Yep, they were actually laughing at the westerners exercise of choice.

I'm not here to talk about the Paleo diet

I'm not here to verbally bash running either

I am here to talk about obsession

there's this scale - Lazy <--------------------------> Obsessed

at one end you have those that cannot be bothered to do any exercise or eat healthy (that's entirely up to them btw)

at the other end are those that are obsessed with punishing themselves everyday

the thing about health and fitness is that it should be a lifestyle

NOT an obsession

Being healthy and fit is all about creating a consistent training programme and not about crushing yourself every single day in the gym or gym classes

it's about having a decent balance and the determination to keep it going.

I have trained most of my life (minus the blip where I spent 8 years getting fat)

most of my training has been hard and quite often very time consuming

but as i've got older and my priorities have changed

Training like a crazed mad man doesn't appeal to me that much anymore because there

are other things that require my time, energy and focus (kids, family time and business).

My nutrition gets more flexible and stricter at the same time.

This means I eat healthy a lot more often but worry less about going off plan from time to time.

I am human after all.

I train less yet achieve more..... can you believe that?

The motivation to put myself through muscle crushing marathon sessions has long gone.


My overall results have improved.

Don't get me wrong....

My training sessions are still hard and demanding but they are much more focused and specific to what i'm training for.

Lots of body weight, kettlebell work and hill runs/sprints

i'm not a big jogging fan so keep that at a bare minimum

I won't waste my time on pointless training that's non-specific.

All of this keeps my willpower alive for consistency with training and nutrition.

A lot of people end up training for the sake of training. But doing more doesn't always and quite often doesn't deliver more.

If you want this kind of lifestyle then your training has to be



just like your food....

Your nutrition needs to be 80% real, whole unprocessed food week in, week out

if you can do this, train smart and have 20% wiggle room in your nutrition where you can stray a little then everything will be just fine.

this means you'll never resent the lifestyle that you lead.

this also places you in the middle of the scale.

which means you are NOT being lazy and you are NOT obsessed

It just fits your lifestyle!!

whats my point here?

my point is that its all about lifestyle and making your training fit yours.

You don't need hours a day to get results...far from it

the best results come from the smartest plan, not the hardest!!!

I'll be honest with you...

you will need to find time to train....

but with my 28 Day Online Coaching Plan this is easily possible.

Training sessions are around 20 minutes long and are done 3 times a week from home or a gym if you have access.

Workouts are bodyweight to begin with, progressing on to non-technical kettlebell exercises.

and if cardio does factor this can be low intensity and non gym based and used as 'active recovery' around your training such as:

- Walking - Long walks with the kids - gardening - evening cycle - playing with the kids in the garden or taking them to the park

all this is more of a lifestyle as opposed to 'training'.

to get real true serious results you need to enjoy the process

as the people that do best are on this journey their entire life

Right now though ask yourself these five things

are you trying to get in shape?

wish you knew the answers to getting in shape?

are you looking for a nutrition plan that actually works?

would you like some help to get in shape?

is your health and longevity a priority in your life right now?

if you can answer YES to those questions above

then start your transformation here: (bodyweight & kettlebell workouts)

DO IT NOW, Sometimes 'LATER' becomes 'NEVER'


The Coach @ KEBOfit

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