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The 10 Pillars To Fat Loss Success

There's so much confusing AND contradictory fitness and nutrition advice out there, which pretty much sucks for anyone looking to get started or for those just looking to improve on their current health and lifestyle .

Where do you start?

Who do you believe?

Don't even think about Googling, you'll get around 298,000,000 search results for weight loss alone, that's enough to send you in a confusing roller coaster spin.

'Healthy' eating is super simple and does not have to suck, i've put together 10 pillars to fat loss success that can be easily followed and incorporated around your lifestyle.


1) Drink 2 - 3 litres of water each day, more if you train hard

2) Add fat to your diet (coconut oil, butter, extra virgin olive oil, animal fat) it does not make you fat - being lazy does

3) Cut your carbohydrates right back, unless you are an athlete running on a fuel tank

4) Eat protein for breakfast as the body does not store it

5) Certain supplements are ok, but not as good as a solid diet

6) Exercise 3 - 4 x per week (focus on the basics, 2 x interval resistance strength workouts, 1 x sprint/hill sprint, 1 x endurance 5 - 10k)

7) Consistency beats intensity when it comes to fat loss/weight loss

8) Lift weights or use your own bodyweight to boost the metabolism, burn calories all day long, create a firmer, stronger frame and to allow old age to flow , rather than cripple you.

My clients are achieving amazing results using just their own bodyweight and kettlebells on my 28 Day Online Coaching Plan here:

9) Eat a wholesome, nutritious real food diet 80% of the week, if you can consistently do this for each meal and put in the training then you have 20% wiggle room to eat foods not necessraily on the good list and not make much of a dent. This means that you'll embrace your lifestyle rather than resent it

10) Laugh more and get 6 - 8 hours zzzzz's a night, this where you recharge your batteries and growth and repair happens


I hope that helps to get you started, even if you tick off one a time.

Trust in the top 10, I won't steer you wrong.

Here's to your success


Coach @ KEBOfit

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