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How to beat the bloat the right way...

Most Saturdays I let me hair down food wise

you know:

choccies crispies a couple of wines biscuits

you know, all the usual naughty suspects

Call it a cheat day if you like or falling off the wagon

I tend to call it being human

but hey, each to their own....

Problem is the next day I feel it

- Belly is all bloated

- I feel all lethargic

- i'm grumpy

- have random aches and pains, mainly in my lower back

All my own fault, so nobody else to blame but me.

So i'm quite pleased I only do this every now and again....

Unfortunately there are a lot more people suffering from this most days.

Now I have a pretty solid go-to ritual that I like to stick to the following day, because it works a treat.

aaaaaannnnnddd guess what?

Yep i'll share this little nugget with you

So let's say you start this on Monday

Here's my 24-hour 'being human' blueprint

1. Start the day with a glass of hot water and lemon.

There's nothing better than hot water and lemon at flushing the liver and kick starting

the flush process.


Pull out your favorite GREEN DRINK recipes and go for it!

Keep the juicing going all day. (Stay away from fruits today. Too much fructose.

If you must, just apples and lemons.)

this is my go to green drink, I call…

The Green Monster:

2 celery stalks, chopped

1 small cucumber, chopped

2 kale leaves

1 handful spinach

Handful of fresh parsley or coriander

1 lemon peeled

1 apple, seeded, cored and chopped

1 small slice of ginger to aid digestion

It’s incredibly energizing and has a kick to it.

3. Go for a long, peaceful walk.

Away from the hustle and bustle. Get the plumbing moving again. Any exercise will do.

4. Next, be sure to take a long, hot bath with Epsom salts or your favourite suds

A hot bath, Epsom salts and some of your favourite tunes playing will having the stress melting off your mind, as well as body, leaving you R E L A X E D.

5. Sleep! Now is the time to pack it in early, shut off the technology, and get some sleep.

Let your body do what it does best...

Recover and repair

I guarantee Tuesday morning, you'll be good as new. (May have even lost a pound or two.)

Let me know if that works as well for you as it does for me.

Start your total body transformation today....

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Coach @ KEBOfit

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