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Important Change This Week

Back in March 2015 my wife returned to work after maternity leave and I decided that I wanted to take a back seat with the one on one coaching.

I wanted to concentrate on my online business and growing the Perth Fitness Camp community.

all this extra free time has allowed me to spend time and watch my little girl grow, this is like pure gold dust to me.

Something that I missed out on with my eldest daughter, far too many 16+ hour days that I can count in a gym trying to survive as a new trainer trying to build up my clientele.

​Something I didn't want to miss out on again.

Shortly after my wife returned to work my daughter Olivia started to walk and went through the whole staggering phase, where she'll walk and then fall etc etc

Olivia just got back up and persisted, brushed it off and kept on getting up to walk.

If you're a parent you'll know exactly what I mean about this stage, right?

There was something about this phase that got me thinking about us grown ups.

Sometimes, my own kids remind me that our own struggles aren't what stop us.

Let me explain.....

It'll all make sense in a minute

You see, it's US that stops us.

Would you agree?

You see when a child learns to walk and falls down 50 times, he/she never thinks

to themselves "Maybe this isn't for me"

But for us it's as though new rules are created, we hit a wall and suddenly, we give up.

For example a diet that gave you results after a few weeks then stops......

a workout that helped you change your body shape initially.... then suddenly stops.

we don't brush ourselves off.

we give up, we figure 'hey, this is really hard' and go back to our old habits.

What if you decide today that giving up is NOT an option?

Look I know "never give up" is such a cliche. You might even be

thinking "yeah, yeah, yeah.."

I get it....

I know what it's like....

You don't think I went from being overweight to fitness coach from the get go do you?

Ha ha..... not even close my friend.

I failed miserably. Many many times!!

But I didn't give up.

.....and neither should you. Why should you continue STRUGGLING on your own?

Keep moving forward.


Commit to getting into the best shape of your life

and do not take your eyes off your goal.

Life will try and mess you up.

It will kick you while your down.

But as long as you show heart and willingness to reach your goal -


Don't give up.

Start today.


Coach @ KEBOfit

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