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What No One Tells You About The Counting Calorie Myth

Before I crack on with this...

I need to make a counting calorie declaration!!!

Every coach has their own opinions and beliefs "so I Jason Brownlie Coach declare that this is based on my opinion only".

Now that's out of the way, let me ask you a question....

Do you know who the healthiest humans today are?

The healthiest humans today (and from the past) are those who don’t even know what a calorie is. They have stayed true to their nutritional values and traditions without succumbing to a western world way of life.

They do not look at a passing bison and calculate the amount of calories they are about to consume. They don’t have nutritionists, diets or even modern medicine.

Yes, you guessed right “primitive” modern day hunter gatherers who manage to stay thin, healthy and avoid most western diseases without all the complicated and useless solutions we have today.

The process of counting calories is a fairly modern concept which forces us as a global nation to be largely dependent on the food industry, which in itself makes the measurement unsustainable and clearly this method of measuring food is generally not sustainable without dependence on food companies.


For me, the issue over the metabolic rate shows just how cunning and clever the human body is and why the simplistic message of calorie counting from government bodies makes an absolute mockery of science.

As humans we evolved as hunter-gatherers and therefore had to survive in times of feast and famine.

When the primordial fridge was stocked full they would eat as much as they could and when things got tough they survived by living off their fat.