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3 Ways To Planning And Prevention In Your 30's And Beyond...

Here's the simple truth of the matter, carefree days have been replaced by 24-7 responsibilities: marriage/relationship, a baby or two or three, a mortgage, and a boss who reminds you of all three.

Pringles and chocolate bars that once disappeared in a puff of metabolic smoke now linger like an oil spill.

Your physiological capacity--the overall performance of most of your body's systems--decreases by around 1 percent per year from 30 onward.

Hence the pringle hangover.

Muscle mass also decreases by 3 - 5% each decade after your 30's.

So how can you prevent this and stand out like a wet fart in a church hall going into your 30's and beyond?

To counter this physiological decline, you need switch your focus to preventive fitness.

You need to prioritise resistance training in order to preserve the muscle (bodyweight, kettlebells, free weights) you built in your 20s; stretching takes priority, because you're going to start losing flexibility; and regular interval training is on the list so you can combat the loss of stamina that will start in the middle of this decade.

The good news: It's never too late to make a fresh start.

and i'm going to expand on the above and share 3 very simple tips that you can put into place as of right NOW to ensure that as a 30+ man or woman you are doing all the right things to keep you healthy, strong and full of energy.

Here goes....

1) Stay hydrated (aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day). If you're not drinking enough water it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight.

In fact, i've had members lose weight and feel 100% better in a matter of DAYS by simply drinking enough water each day.

Drinking water = weightloss

Get 7 - 8 good quality hours of sleep, eat your veggies, eat protein with every meal and consistently eat a real food diet 80% of the week, every week (this leaves 20% wiggle room)

Try some yoga.

De-stress, even if its 10 - 20 minutes of YOU time (no facebook, no phone, no laptop, no nothing just sit and chill in the silence) Do what Richard Gere does in Pretty Woman and go stand on the grass in your bare feet.

Connect with earth so to speak :)

Soz that sounded all spiritual and goo-roo like.

2) Do 3 - 4 x 30 minute High Intensity Resistance Workouts each week (bodyweight or kettlebells/free weights)

Strength training builds lean muscle mass. By adding muscle you will almost be adding the most potent fat burning tissue to your body.

Muscle tissue is the most metabolically active tissue in your body, so make sure to build as much as you can regardless if you're a man or woman.

When you push your body past it's comfort zone, you induce the afterburn effect which means you burn more calories even after you're done working out.

3) Have a powerful reason WHY you want to be fit and healthy.

This will be a BIG mindset shift for you.

Here's a few possible motivators for you:

- I want to have more energy to keep up with the kids

- I want to improve my health through weightloss to extend and improve my life

- I want to lose 15 pounds before my holiday

- I want to restore my confidence to wear sleeveless shirts again

- I don't want to feel embarassed taking my top off on holiday or feel the need to cover up in my swimsuit

- I want to regain my bodyshape to impress and attract my partner

Dig deep, there is a specific motivator in your life, you simply need to uncover it.

No confusion, fluff or complicated methods....

Simplify, Simplify!!


Coach @ KEBOfit

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