5 Fat Loss Mistakes That So Many People Are Making (and what to do about it)

Have you ever wondered why despite all your training efforts (whatever they may be) you seem to be losing muscle, still have those wobbly bits and you're NOT burning body fat?

Yes, your jeans may well feel a little less snug and your t-shirt not as tight around your midsection due to the strict calorie controlled diet you've placed yourself on, but at the same time you've probably noticed that the muscles hidden beneath aren't nearly as defined as you'd like.

All this hard work and you're not any tighter.

This can be disheartening.

I used to be the guy above, i'd smash it for a few weeks while my motivation was at it's peak and then frustration would kick in and I ended up back at square one.

Eating all the food and saying to myself 'I can't do this' or 'well at least I tried'.

Maybe right now you can resonate...

However i'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way.

When the following small changes to your burn fat - build muscle strategy are put into place you'll be shredding fat on auto pilot while looking leaner.

Fat Loss Mistake 1 - You don't lift weights

Let’s get down to bizniz compadre, you absolutely need resistance training in your life if you seriously want to burn fat and enhance the shape of your body and look awesome.

This could be bodyweight, kettlebells, free weights or olympic/stronman training.

A lot of women in particular make the mistake of working out with the sole purpose of losing fat. Although it seems like a great idea, studies have shown that when people are motivated to work out in order to lose fat, they usually aren't successful because they end up eating more calories afterwards.

Resistance training is one of the most important factors in your fat loss workouts.

This is the only form of exercise that increases and improves the amount of lean muscle in our body.

I know...Just the mention of the word muscle and it makes a lot of women cringe.

Yet amidst this protest, women want to look lean and toned.

Whether you are a man or woman you need to factor in training those muscles....

Without muscle, it is impossible to attain this desirable physique that you're after

Without muscle, your metabolism drops.

Without muscle, you will maintain a soft, undefined body (is that what you really want?)

And once again ladies NO, strength training will NOT make you bulk up, pinky promise.

Women simply do not have the testosterone to build muscle like men. Plus, any muscle you do put on - only causes you to shrink! Yep, the more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the more fat you burn.

Increasing your lean muscle is the fastest way to get back into your jeans and into the bikini when you go on your hols.

Let me tell you why...

Because exercises that are geared toward increasing lean tissue tend to super charge the metabolism so that your body burns a massive amount of calories in the post-workout recovery period AKA the afterburn, or it's posh name EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption)

Told you it was posh :)

Seriously if you make resistance training the priority in your workout plan as well as a consuming nutritious real food, I guarantee that you will witness your body shape change before your eyes!

Exactly the reason why my online plans include bodyweight and kettlebell training.

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