The ULTIMATE 'Non-Confusing' Guide to Nutrition

Does it not do your head in with the amount of confusion out there when it comes to nutrition.

It drives me round the bend, when did food become so bloody complicated.

I know....

When the men and women in the lab coats started realising that we are short on time more now than ever before and then decided to create convenience food slop to feed to the time poor masses. Now we have a mad crazy obesity epidemic and various other diseases.

Is this the main contributor? No, but it is part of it.

And then of course we have the confusion over what diet is the best

And what about working out your calories for the day

And what about IIFYM (if it fits your macros) most people right now would be thinking what the f**k is a macro.

And what about portion control and measuring every little morsel that passes past your lips, so if your chicken breast is just a bit to big, do you have to cut it off

the list goes on but seriously aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh

and we wonder why we have no time when we do all this.

but hey if it works for you..... crack on!

I gave up listening to all this crap years ago.

and if you are as confused as I once was then this blog will make it all sound so much easier, you can enjoy food again YIPPEE!!

OK huddle up

At the end you're going to be like Maverick & Goose and be a Top Gun in basic nutrition.

I'm going to give you your own complete 'no strings' guide to food

especially if fat loss is your aim and a leaner body shape, more energy and improved confidence is the ultimate ending.

what do I mean by no strings?

no confusion

no science stuff

no jargon

no fluff

no working out carb/protein/fat percentages

no diet nonsense

simplify simplify.

as it should be

are you ready?

OK so 80% of your week should look like this....

Stay hydrated (drink your water) - WHY?

An important factor to consider about water is that the kidneys cannot function properly without adequate water.

When they don’t work to capacity, some of the work is off loaded onto the liver.

One of the livers primary roles is to metabolize stored fat into usable energy for the body.

If the liver has do some of the work of the kidney then the fat remains stored in the body and for many people fat loss comes to an immediate halt.

Protein at every meal - WHY?

Protein is essential for growth and repair.

it takes the body longer to digest protein which means metabolism is ramped up to deal with this.

which is why getting enough protein is a great way to torch belly fat.

good sources include:

- eggs

- fish

- pork

- chicken