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4 Ways To Cardio Train That DO NOT Involve The Dreadmill

Have you ever wondered why all the running that you do does not really give you the results that you want when it comes to burning fat, dropping inches, getting leaner whatever you want to call it!!


You won't build muscle if you are doing hours upon hours of cardio every week. Got me?

Here's another reason:

Low intensity cardio uses muscle to fuel the exercises a lot of the time. So, you not only are stopping your body from making new muscle, but you are actually BURNING YOUR CURRENT MUSCLE.

Low - Medium intensity cardio is what you see everyone at the gym doing.

They go at a fairly hard pace, that’s above a walk but nowhere near a sprint, for 30-60 minutes.

Ever notice how their bodies never change?

That’s because that form of cardio is useless. Actually, it’s worse than useless. It’s detrimental.

It can cause muscle loss and actually cause you to get fatter. When doing medium intensity cardio your body produces too much cortisol (stress hormone) so you end up eating away at your hard earned muscle.

Excessive cortisol production can also lead to increased body fat storage in the abdominal region.

Think about your bum shrinking from cardio.

Yeah you might be getting better at running but what about your bodyshape, is that getting leaner? or are you still struggling to get rid of the wobbly bits?

Now i'm not going to put down anyone that runs. Running plays apart in my own training as it's specific to the obstacle race events that I do and so is muscular strength training.

So you want to get that low body fat and leaner looking body?

When you combine the two, then you have a winning formula where you'll not only improve your endurance but your entire body shape as well.

I'm going to show you 4 ways that you can cardio train without spending hours and hours jogging to knowhere on the dreadmill.

Way One: High Intensity Resistance Training

To put it bluntly, the more muscle you have the more metabolic currency you have and this is how you finally win the battle against fat loss.

Muscle makes everything look better. You want that round firm bum? it all starts with built glutes and hamstrings. You want defined shoulders? you need to develop your deltoids.

Muscle fills in all the areas that are supposed to be there and helps you burn off the things that aren't supposed to be there.

Training wise, put in a few effective resistance workouts per week (bodyweight, kettlebells, free weight, olympic lifts) and you add some serious metabolic active income that further enhances your stores of metabolic passive income over the long haul. This is one of the reasons that my 28 day online coaching clients are seeing such amazing results from following the plan.

You see, trying to reduce fat without some kind of lean muscle is a bit like putting in lots of billable hours. With billable hours you make money while you're working, once you punch out you're no longer making money.

The same thing goes for forms of training, take jogging on a treadmill in which you are simply burning calories. Once you stop jogging the calorie burning stops.

Contrast this with interval or resistance interval training in which you do an all out effort for thirty seconds or so and then you rest or work at a moderate pace for thirty seconds then go hard again.

15 - 20 minutes of this form of intense training is a metabolic powerhouse and the benefits last way longer after the workout is over. It also brings faster endurance gains in the short term.

Way Two - Three - Four: Sprinting For Killer Conditioning

I know what you're thinking....

"But Jason i'm not built like a sprinter"

Whenever I mention sprints to people, a sudden look of fear on their face says it all.

The thing is sprints can be adapted to all levels. If a short burst of jogging is all you can muster in the beginning then that's good enough. The more consistent you are the more you will be able to do over time. That jog will eventually be a run and that run will eventually be a sprint.

So let me give you the truth about sprints……

YES they are tough

YES they are hard work

YES they are tiring

YES you’ll be hanging out of your rear end after a sprint training session

.....and YES sprints will produce fantastic results in a very short space of time PERIOD!!!!!!

The bonus ball here is that by incorporating sprints into your training programme takes up much less time but with all the advantages of better heart and lung health, improved circulation, better cognition, improved metabolism and the ideal body composition are some of the reasons that sprint training should be placed into your routine.

Perfect for someone whose short on time and who wants huge results FAST!

Sprint Training = Burn Fat (The easiest equation I could come up with)

When you combine High Intensity Resistance training with Sprinting the following will happen:


The high exertion your body goes through fires up its repair cycle. This keeps your body burning calories long after your workout is complete.


When you push your limits, you'll be able to go longer and harder later on. Get in this anaerobic zone!


When HIIT is mixed with strength training, you maintain the muscles and lose fat!


HIIT stimulates production of your human growth hormone (HGH), which gives your calorie burn a swift kick into HIGH gear.


HIIT is short and sweet, but extremely effective, challenging and of course the results are undeniable.


You're constantly changing intensity which makes this workout anything but boring.

There are 3 types of sprint that I would recommend.

1) Shuttle Sprints (great if you are short on time and space. Set up a 10m distance. Run back and forth for 20 secs and rest for 60 secs, do this 4 times. Take a longer rest and repeat 1 - 2 more times.)

2) Flat Sprints (set up a distance of 50m and sprint out and walk back as many times as you can)

3) Hill Sprints (Find a decent hill to run up. Run up as far as you can to the point your legs can go no further and use that as your finish point after each sprint. Do as many as you can initially)

If you're wondering what I mean by these types of sprints check the video demos below.

Shuttle Sprints:

Flat Sprints:

Hill Sprints:

Why the hell would you do boring steady state jogging which scientists continue to prove produce disappointing results compared to sprints which produce effective results & fat loss in a very short period of time?

As an example lay out:

I'd recommend...

1-2 x 20 minute Bodyweight Resistance Interval sessions

1 x Sprint Sessions (10 x 30m sprints with a 2 minute rest inbetween sprints)

1-2 x 20 minute High Intensity Resistance (kettlebells) training sessions

1 x distance run 5k/10k (each week or every other week)

With the right nutrition and recovery this will lead to muscle building and fat loss allowing you to look leaner, run faster and believe it or not run for distance.


Coach @ KEBOfit

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