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3 Out Of Date Training Methods (and what to do instead)

Have you ever wondered if those minutes you spend in the gym are burning fat or just time? Unfortunately if you are like 80% of gym-goers, time is the primary thing you're burning.

I find it shocking that so many well-meaning people are still exercising with such outdated notions of what constitutes an effective workout. I don't want that to be you. Here are the top 3 outdated, time-burning exercise techniques to NOT DO: 1) Slow and Steady Cardio Sessions:

Walk into most gyms and you'll see every single piece of cardio equipment full of people in a slow, steady state of cardio.

Meanwhile the free weight area is a ghost town.

The idea that one should toil for hours in a steady state of low-intensity cardio in order to burn fat is the ULTIMATE outdated exercise technique.

New science has clearly proven that explosions of speed and intensity are the future of fat burn.

2) Weight Machine Wandering:

You've seen this character.

He wanders among the weight machines, plops down on an open one and cranks out a set (without adjusting the weight or seat) and just as quickly as he came, he's gone off to the next open machine.

There's no rhyme or reason, and his technique and form are way off due to his careless use of the machines.

Do I even need to explain how this haphazard exercise technique burns more time than fat? I didn't think so.