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How To Drop 7lbs In 7 Days

The thing that puts a lot of us off from committing to a new health and fitness regime is the amount of work involved and sacrifice that has to be made before seeing any significant result.

Let's use

'Joining a gym'

as an example.

You join with great intentions.

You sweat your ass off for at least 60 minutes 3-4 times per week on the cross trainer, rower, bike and treadmill.

You can see that you've torched over 600 calories (because the machine tells you)

...and 4 weeks later those trousers are only very slightly looser.


Is this really worth the sacrifice and inconvenience?

What we like to see are quick wins.

So here's one to try for the next 7 days.

Then watch the waistline shift.

If you couple this with 3 short bodyweight workouts per week.

I'm talking about you dropping 5lbs -7lbs in the next 7 days and a good few inches

as well.

Ditch eating anything that contains or converts into glucose.

Deplete your body from holding on to glucose this next 7 days.

The obvious:

Don't add sugar to anything

Avoid sweet things like chocolate and sweets and cakes

Avoid liquid calories - booze and fizzy drinks

(it is only 1 week! - although if you really must then limit it to just 1 night)

Fruit juices

Dried fruits


Not so obvious:







Sauces (BBQ, Ketchup etc)

Salad dressings

(did you know that a large bagel contains the equivalent of 17 tsp

of sugar?!)

I know its crazy right?

You will notice from the list above that there is a lot of stuff

that most people eat and drink every single day.

Certainly was for me.

I used to have toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch (with crisps),

and then something like pasta and some kind of sauce pretending to be healthy for dinner.

Washed down with a few beers!!

= big waist.

As soon as you cut this crap out and start eating better quality non processed foods

= small waist.


Eggs for brekkie - hard boil a couple the night before if you're

pushed for time in the morning.

I love a tomato and spinach omelete with 4 eggs in the morning.

Takes 5 minutes to prepare and cook and 5 minutes to eat.

Lunch - leftovers from dinner the night before is a favourite of mine or if I'm on the go ,I grab a packet of veg (like tender stem broccoli) or a bistro salad, some chicken, berries sometimes chilli flakes, pickles like gherkins to jazz it up a bit with some balsamic and drizzle of olive oil over the top with a squeeze of lemon, depends how mad I went with the balsamic :)

Dinner - protein meats - chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb, with a plate of tasty veggies. Load up and sprinkle some chillies on there or a knob of butter for good measure.

Drink plenty of water each day, if your pee is clear then you're nicely hydrated.

Basically over the next 7 days follow these rules:

- Protein source with each meal

- eat 3 square meals a day that leave you feeling satisfied

- Cut out the alcohol (it's just 7 days)

- Drink water to stay hydrated and so that your body functions as it should

- have an abundance of veggies with your meals

- eat good quality carbs such as small portion of rice or sweet/white potatoes (if you're not doing any kind of training/activity then you don't need that many carbs, one portion a day bare minimum, if you are training and active then include these carbs in your pre and post workout)

- cook with butter or coconut oil and use extra virgin olive oil to drizzle over salads

- get out and move more (workout using bodyweight, free weights, kettlebells, get out for walks, jump on the bikes with the kids, go some kind of activity every day)

- Get a good 7 - 8 hours sleep

7 days later. Smaller waist, more energy, more focus and

some really cool healthy habits.

For a few days you may well notice some sugar withdrawal and you may feel a bit eurrggghh, it will subside, so fight through it.

If this gets really uncomfortable and you have headaches etc then grab some fruit and munch on that.


let me know if you have any questions. happy to answer​​​​​​​


Coach @ KEBOfit

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