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Two Tips To Relieve Sore Feet


They can take such a beating with all the repetetive pounding, sweating and muscle exertion.

Try these two easy tips to ease the soreness in your feet.

Tip 1: Grab a tennis ball:

If you have a loving friend who's offering to rub your feet regularly, that's great, but most of us don't have that luxury.

Instead, perform a little self-massage with a tennis ball.

Sit or stand and place the ball under the arch of your foor, roll it along your arch, and shift to whatever part of your foot needs attention.

You'll be surprised at how sore your feet really are.

Tip 2: Ease inflammation:

If feet are swollen after exercise, get some releif with this trick.

Fill a water bottle halfway with ice cubes and fill the rest with cold water.

Place the bottle on a towel to collect condensation and rest the arch of your bare foot on the middle of the bottle.

Rock your foot forward and back, rolling the bottle underneath.

Apply as much pressure as you want, continuing for a few minutes.

I hope these tips help.