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Why You'll Never Change Your Body Shape Overnight

When the time comes that you want to really and I mean REALLY concentrate on your health, fitness and lifestyle you need to be very clear on your goals.

You can't go in half arsed about this, I mean how important is your health to you, how much do you value it?

Here's the thing though...

Finding the right time is a bit of a tricky customer. It's not often as simple as it sounds.

Life gets in the way doesn't it?

You keep promising to start next week. Next week never comes!!

In fact. I bet your level of general fitness has probably been playing on your mind for quite some time now, certainly weeks more likely months or even years.

That's a pretty long time to be concerned. How much longer are you going to let it play with your mind?

Look, when you decide to take the plunge you need to make sure you do everything you can to keep that fire in your belly, that motivation alive.

From experience I can tell you that its easy to think "Yeah I'll go hardcore full on, and i'll be leaner and fitter all in time for Christmas"

and then you get overwhelmed at the thought of what it's going to take to achieve that BIG goal of yours.

There is an easy way

The solution to all of this is to break down all the things that need to happen into small stepping stones that are much more achievable over time.

Yes I did say time.... this isn't going to happen overnight, this will all take time.

What do I mean by all this.

Let me show you how to apply goal setting.

I want you to start by taking your main goal, lets say that might take a year to achieve, we have to be realistic, like i've said this is not a quick fix.

It makes sense to break you main goal down into quarters.

For the first 3 months, we might put a solid foundation in place...

Such as:

- Improving mobility

- Improving lung capacity

- Improving your eating habits

- Improving lifestyle habits

The second 3 months you may want to have other plans set in place

This could be:

- Running your first 5k run

- Fitting into smaller clothes sizes

- Cutting back on the booze

Smaller more manageable goals are easier to hit and when you start hitting them motivation will be high and will keep your momentum going to hit that BIG goal.

Getting your mindset right is KEY. If it feels manageable, if you see the results happening, your mindset will understand the plan.

You will be fully focused and your body will respond.

I can't promise that the first 6 weeks will be plain sailing. You will feel like giving up numerous times.

Think about it you are putting your body, your mind and willpower through a routine it hasn't done for ages, if at all!

So start slow. You don't have to be an elite athlete overnight.

Notice the small changes, they will add up.

A good coach will ease you into the process and come up with a simple approach that works.

Nothing to drastic, yet still guaranteed to get results.

You might be unfit RIGHT NOW, but very soon you will be the person other ex-couch potatoes will be inspired to keep up with when they 'take the plunge'

So as you can see, while change doesn't just happen overnight you can change day-by-day.

Starting or getting back into fitness is a tough process.

Getting started sooner rather than later will help.

Speak soon


Coach @ KEBOfit

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