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Meal prep like a BOSS!!

Now i'm not going to go all goo-roo expert on you and tell you that it's or the highway because i'd be lying.

I have a few ways that work for me and if I share them with you and they help you

out, then i've done a good deed for the day.

When it comes to hitting a health and fitness goal, nutrition plays a MASSIVE part.

Yes I wrote MASSIVE in big bold letters, that's just how important your food is.

So to get it right you need to make sure you are consistently good with your nutrition.

One way to ensure that consistency is to prepare some meals ahead of time.

Anyhoo here are the three easiest ways to do that.

Way #1 - Batch Cook Meals

Batch cooking meals for the week is a real time saver and means you won't have to slave

in the kitchen straight after you have just finished a long day at work.

You can batch cook things like bolognaise, chilli or curries and then portion them out into

tubs which you can freeze.

This means you then have plenty of meals already set to eat, and just need reheating.

Secondly, you could utilize a slow cooker (great for stews, casseroles etc) which you can cook on low over night and then have ready in the morning, or leave it on while you are at work and it's ready when you come home.

Way #2 - No-Cook Meal Prep - Yoghurt Pots