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OK i'm going to get a bit controversial with this one.


Be honest how much do you really know about fats?


Probably just what you've seen on the news, read in the paper or watched on one of those biased food documentary's on TV I bet. 

Hey you may even be well clued up, if so then you are in the minority.


The truth is dietary fats have been hugely misunderstood for a long time now and can be held responsible for the obesity epidemic which has skyrocketed since the 70's 


There are 3 types of fat YOU need to know about.


Dietary Fats - Fats from food


Subcutaneous Fat - Fat on your belly


Visceral Fat - Fat on your organs


Fats in our diet are NOT THE SAME as the fat on your waist.


The obesity epidemic kicked off around the 1970's and people started avoiding fats and now the world is fat.


Why did they do this? 






Calories in fat 9kcal per gram


Calories in carbohydrate 4kcal per gram 


So substituting fat for carbs mean't you were calories down.


Which in effect would help with fat loss.


The theory was correct but it mean't we were consuming more of what we didn't need and less of what we did need in order to drop fat.


It's a bloody stupid idea actually looking back at it...


The world is lazy and couldn't be arsed to exercise more, now look at us.

Raw Beef Steak

Good fats & bad fats?


Let me be clear here


If its a donut, biscuit or pastry, its probably got 'bad' fats in it


If its an avocado, cashew or steak its probably got 'good' fats in it. 


You'd have to be an idiot not to see that?


Real food isn't harmful to us, I can assure you


Processed shite food isn't exactly harmful - yet you only get one body in life so don't treat it badly.


"But JB what about all this research between red meat and cancer?"


What about sausages and bacon killing you?


OK truth time.... here's what the real research says.


These 'tests' are taken out on normal people.


They can't just choose healthy people, that would be a variable and would create a bias for the results. 


So lets say we pick 10 people out of London to eat red meat.


Chances are 7/10 of them are overweight, smoking, drinking sedentary people.


Its not exactly difficult to find results that point to cancer when feeding them sausages for 10 weeks - they're already half way there!


Let me clear some misleading stuff for you too!




Skimmed - lowest fat content, lowest calories, MOST SUGAR


Full fat - highest fat content, highest calories, LEAST SUGAR


What do you think is going to be best for our diabetes epidemic?


They'd be better off having the calorie dense milk with less sugar and just managing their calorie intake. 


So JB, I can just eat tons of 'healthy fats' and i'll get super lean and in shape?


er no.


I told you already, it really does boil down to calories. 


You could get fat off of chicken and avocado salads, if you ate enough. 


Real foods with real fats SHOULD BE IN YOUR OVERALL DIET.


However just because its a healthy fat DOES NOT give you the right to over eat it.


"OK so what about cholesterol then smart arse?"


Again, a hugely misunderstood element in the human body


People are not having heart attacks because they eat bacon a couple of mornings a week.


They're having heart attacks because they wolf down microwave meals watching love Island and the most exercise they get is reaching for a packet of fags.

The avoidance of fat is based on the cholesterol myth and the belief that fat causes heart disease in some way.


The experiment leading to this conclusion is extremely controversial as a rabbit was fed meat and died.


When investigated, the arteries were full of cholesterol and so one of the greatest shows on earth began.


Rabbits are vegetarian and eat grass – stuffing them full of meat is probably not data you can extrapolate to the wider population with any reliability, but they did and many of us believed it.


So we need to give fat back some credibility and here we go – Fat is essential for:

• Normal growth and development

• Energy (fat is the most concentrated source of energy)

• Absorbing certain vitamins ( like vitamins A, D, E, K, and carotenoids)

• Providing cushioning for the organs

• Maintaining cell membranes

• Providing taste, consistency, and stability to foods


Bottom line: Stop worrying over your saturated fats. 


Just cut down on the amount of shit you eat.

Fresh Eggs



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