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Image by Chase Kinney


The BODYFUEL exercise library is where you will find demo videos and a technical break down of each one so that you can perform them safely and effectively.

Please note: This is not a coaching page. It merely serves as a reminder of how to perform each exercise via video demos, images, detailed description and tells you which muscles are worked.


Press Ups (Beginner)

Press Ups (Intermediate 2)

Press Up w/side squat thrust

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Forward Plank (Intermediate)

Plank to Top Press Up (beginner)

Side Plank (Beginner)

Side Plank (Advanced)

Press Ups (Intermediate 1)

Press Ups (Advanced)

Forward Plank (Beginner)

Forward Plank (Advanced)

Plank to Top Press Up (advanced)

Side Plank (Intermediate)

Total Body Extensions


(These are just demos and are not for coaching purposes)

Kettlebell Deadlift

Kettlebell Reverse Lunge

Kettlebell Squat & Lunge Combination

Kettlebell One Arm Thrusters

Double Kettlebell Row

2 Arm Kettlebell Swing

Hand to Hand Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Kettlebell Lunge (2)

Kettlebell Reverse Lunge (2)

Kettlebell Thrusters

Kettlebell Single Arm Row

Kettlebell Overhead Press

Single Arm Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Half Get Up

Kettlebell Clean & Press

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