What are workouts on demand?


Workouts on demand are signature kettlebell & bodyweight workouts that can be followed from anywhere at anytime. These workouts are here for you when you need them on the go. 

They are not follow along but they do demo each exercise for you.

Bodyweight only workouts  are ideal for the man or woman who hasn't trained in a while, needs to lose at least 2 stone and/or returning from a long lay off and who wants to build some foundation strength and lean muscle.

Kettlebell workouts are perfect for those with training experience and who have been trained to use a kettlebell or have completed the KEBOfit Kettlebell Academy. >>CLICK HERE<< to find out how to be coached to use kettlebells safely & effectively.


Please DO NOT attempt the kettlebell workouts unless you have been trained by a coach to use them.