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Get 'NEW MEMBER' starter pack

This starter pack has been created to give you THE absolute BEST start to your health & fitness journey.

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Example Meal Plans

Meal plans from one to six weeks to help you plan out your nutrition and form new habits

Workout Lesson

Workouts on Demand

On demand kettlebell &bodyweight workout videos that you can follow from anywhere at any time

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Exercise Library

Find out how to perform every exercise safely and effectively.

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Gain a wealth of knowledge with fitness articles written to help you understand fitness better

*New articles added each month

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Work With Me

If you would prefer to work 1 on 1 with me via my online coaching system.

Contact the coach for more details 


Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training

Never used a kettlebell before? Then the beginners guide to kettlebell training is an ideal place to start your kettlebell journey

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With over 90 recipes to choose from you'll never be stuck for ideas again

- Breakfast ideas

- Lunch ideas

- Dinner ideas

- Dessert ideas

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Workouts on the go

Downloadable bodyweight workouts that you can follow independently from home or the gym 

Ready to Run

Warm Up


Warm up before every workout

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Nutrition bombs written to reveal the truth and help you better understand food

*New articles added each month

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Contact The Coach

Have questions?

Just Ask

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Nutrition Planner

Nutrition tips and guidelines on how to eat healthy and make it sustainable

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Join the Community

5 day schedule of workouts with the coach that you can follow at a time that suits you. 

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Workout with the coach

Follow along videos with the coach. Get put through your paces on one of his bodyweight workouts 

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Stretch Routine

Stretch out after every workout

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Getting your mind right is essential if you want to see dramatic healthy lifestyle changes

A strong mind = A strong body

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