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16 Week Online Nutrition & Fitness Plan

The KEBOfit Academy is a 16 week online fitness & nutrition coaching programme designed for busy men and women who can't get to or feel intimidated by the gym but are committed to working out at home.

The 16 week programme is a unique and powerful blend of KEttlebell & BOdyweight training fuelled by a simple BS free approach to nutrition. 

The 16 week Academy is a COMPLETE online coaching & educational programme based on years of coaching & research where you'll also learn about healthy foods & the role they play in proper nutrition complimented with simple training methods essential for fat loss and building a leaner body shape. 


All without having to count calories, portion control or planning your meals, wondering what to buy at the supermarket, or wondering if your nutrition and fitness programme is doing enough to help you lose that extra 10 - 20lbs.


Does this sound like you?

  • You're fed up with looking at the clothes that used to fit you in your wardrobe and saying 'one day'

  • You just want to be able to look in the mirror and feel happy with what you see​​

  • You're tired of constantly feeling like you're on a diet and just want something that sticks​

  • You're sick of losing weight and then putting it back on again - for once you just want to keep it off

  • You're SERIOUS about making the necessary changes in order to improve your health

  • You don't want to have to think, calculate or plan what you have to eat to lose fat

  • You want accountability and sustainability around your lifestyle

Did you answer yes to the majority of these?

If so you are exactly who i'm looking to help

I have totally got your back on this.

Inside the 16 Week Academy i'm going to coach you through the entire process required to lose fat and build a stronger, leaner body shape with my Kettlebell kickstarter system.

I'm going to give you the tools you need to be a free thinker and not be bound by the confusing rules and regulations of the fitness industry, there is enough BS in the world. I wan't you to think for yourself and not be swayed by opinions or the office 'guru'.

By following my simple approach to nutrition you will create new sustainable habits that last a lifetime and you'll have a new found love for kettlebell & bodyweight training as you pass through the various coaching phases.

I'll let you into a secret, I've been through my own fat loss journey.

I spent most of my 20's overweight and unhappy, I would bury my misery in sh*tty food, forget about my day with booze, and then try to absolve my sins by dieting or getting on a treadmill for an hour. I hated the person I saw in the mirror. 

No matter how many new so called 'diet hacks' I tried. I was still stuck. Still that skinny fat bloke too ashamed to take his shirt off at the pool. 

Atkins, Paleo, Cabbage Diet, Fasting, Various Dodgy Meal Replacement Shakes, Zone Diet.....

Yep, just like you I was told that there was some magical properties to these diets that made them work. I was told that these diets and endless cardio were the only way to lose weight.

What I never realised was that these diets were too restrictive. They didn't allow me to make choices for my well-being, they didn't give me the tools to enjoy and stick to my guns for the long term.

When I failed at what was supposed to be 'foolproof', i'd feel like a failure. If this method was so popular, there must be something wrong with me.

They all worked great for a few weeks and then it just as quickly fell apart. 

Same hamster, new wheel.

What I discovered was that it wasn't me.

I just needed to find another way that worked for me, that didn't deprive me of joy, and was healthy and sustainable and still made me lose weight and feel good.

What I found was, the best way begins and ends with you. Not some dogmatic approach to sell pretty books or programmes.

Consistent, measurable changes in lifestyle and choices do.


They aren't necessarily easy, but they don't have to be complicated.

This programme is the start of living your most healthy and authentic life.

How does the programme benefit you?

The KEBOfit Academy 16 week online coaching programme is all about strengthening your mind and belief in yourself as well as shaping and defining your body to help you look and feel your very best ALL year round. 

For many academy clients that may mean training towards a specific event or to reveal those elusive abs. For the majority of my academy clients it simply means getting a bit leaner, feeling fitter, stronger, having more energy and having the confidence to wear clothes that show off their bod as opposed to hiding it away. 

The Academy is an EXCLUSIVE community, a lifestyle, a movement for driven parents and busy professionals who no matter what your size, no matter what level of fitness you are at and no matter how big you feel the KEBOfit Academy will keep you moving forwards toward a leaner, stronger healthier and fitter looking body.

How the programme works

The Programme

Work Desk

A comprehensive 16 week online nutrition and fitness programme for busy men and women to take you from being confused about how to workout effectively to what types of foods to eat and avoid, to how to train smarter using your own bodyweight and kettlebells to losing fat, building muscle, developing brand new habits and creating a better version of yourself.


All without having to count calories, portion control or planning your meals, wondering what to buy at the supermarket, or wondering if your nutrition and fitness programme is doing enough to help you lose that extra 10 - 20lbs. 


Dessert Crepes

The KEBOfit Academy 16 Week Online Programme has been designed to help you lose fat, improve your health and build lean muscle but perhaps just as importantly to re-educate you about food and how you eat so that you can maintain your weight and not yo-yo up and down.  


You can expect real wholesome nutritious foods. This programme will show you how to switch off your fat storing mechanisms and literally flick the switch to your fat burning mechanisms. Trust in the plan and the results will speak for themselves.

Your Training Phases

  • PHASE ONE - 28 Day 'Fitter Body' Kickstart Plan (Bodyweight only workouts)

  • PHASE TWO - 28 Day 'Leaner, Fitter, Stronger Plan (Bodyweight & Non-technical Kettlebell Workouts to get you used to handling a kettlebell)

  • PHASE THREE - 28 Day 'Kettlebell Academy' (Learn how to perform a Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Clean & Press, Turkish Get Up & Kettlebell Snatch via online coaching tutorials and technical feedback analysis)

  • PHASE FOUR - 28 Day 'Lean for Life' Plan (Progressive Kettlebell & Bodyweight workouts, complete with graduation workout and finishers certificate)

You'll receive 3 - 4 workouts per week which are delivered to your email inbox. When it comes to your workouts and coaching tutorials all you have to do is follow what's written, everything is explained. It's laid out in a simple to understand format minus any confusing scientific jargon..


You do what's written, record your best effort and progressively build muscle, strength & burn fat.

Train With Purpose

Training with your own bodyweight and kettlebells will supercharge your fitness and performance by improving your strength and endurance.

Integrate your mind with your body, develop power, flexibility and technique learning how to use this awesome workout tool safely and effectively.

Kettlebells deliver the perfect combination of strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, explosive agility, stamina and fat loss.


No wasted time on isolation exercises at all.

Pure focus on the compound exercises that the strongest men and women have already proven to be highly beneficial.

You have a busy life so why complicate training?



Looking and feeling fitter than I have ever been. Have totally changed my eating habits, feel stronger then ever and absolutely love this plan...

It's a way of life now, wouldn't be without it. Thanks JB 

photo (61).JPG

Are you ready to completely transform your health & lifestyle?

Here's What You Get

Healthy Veggie Treats
Crab & Cauli Cakes.png



16 Week Fitter Body

Online  Plan

Meal plans, shopping list essentials & 90+ recipes 

Weekly meal plans, 30 breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes to choose from. You'll never be stuck for ideas again

Kettlebell Workout

Success Manual

16 Week Fitter Body

Online Plan


Success Manual

The Academy Success Manual teaches you everything you need to know about how to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle without all the BS and confusion.

holding iphone 2.jpg

Coaching emails, support & accountability

You won't be alone through this, regular email contact from me and access to the KEBOfit private Facebook group to keep you motivated, encouraged and held accountable.

Welcome to your new life


  • Feeling healthier

  • Having more energy

  • Being able to eat without feeling guilty

  • How good it will feel to eat foods you love knowing that they're going towards building a lean physique instead of worrying about them making you feel fat

  • Fitting into smaller clothes

  • Being able to lose fat or build muscle, or gain strength with ease

  • The feeling when others compliment you

  • Being better educated about food

  • Having better quality sleep

  • Enhanced metabolism, so you burn more fat at rest

  • Decreased stress and tension

  • Finally creating a sustainable lifestyle


Thanks to Jason I am now leaner and fitter than I

have been in years, not only that but I have met

some incredibly friendly people who give plenty of

support and encouragement.

Your Bonuses

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 13.47.45.png

Lifetime Access

Once you're in the family, you're always in. You'll have continuous access to all that you have learned, the recipes and the meal plans even when the 16 weeks are up.

IMG_1686 (1).JPG

KEBOfit Academy Private Facebook Support Group

Be part of a community of encouraging and supportive individuals who all have the same goals as you.

spices on spoon


Flatter Tummy Food Report

Flatter Tummy Food Report

Discover some of the most nutritious foods that will help flatten the tummy in this bonus report.

SMART-Goal-Setting-Worksheet-819x1024 (1

Goal Setting & Measurement Tracker

You don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. Set the right goals and watch your progression as you smash each one.

Your Investment

Gain a lifetime access to this whole coaching programme including ALL the bonuses above for a one time investment of £147

Academy Key Features


The secret sauce of the programme.... the daily coaching and accountability that the KEBOfit Academy provides means that you will never be alone!

You will have access to coaching, nutrition tips and email support.


It's like having your coach in your back pocket on standby. Be supported, encouraged and get the help you need when you need it throughout your transformation.


All your workouts come complete with video demo's so that you can safely and effectively perform each exercise.

Phase Three of the 16 week plan you will enter the 28 day Kettlebell Academy where you will be coached on how to use a kettlebell safely and effectively and will be coached via video tutorials, modules on how to perform a kettlebell swing, kettlebell clean & press, Turkish get up and kettlebell snatch. 

Each exercise is broke down so that you can work on mastering the technique required. When it comes to kettlebell training it comes down to one thing.....practice!

You will also be able to video yourself performing each exercise so that you can receive technical feedback from the coach.

Print OFF YOUR WORKOUTS or upload THEM to your phone

Wherever you are in the world you can access your workouts, upload them to your device or print them off and then go kill your workout. 


  • 16 week online fitness & nutrition programme

  • Online Kettlebell Coaching with tutorial, demo videos & feedback from the coach

  • Nutritional information to enhance your healthy lifestyle & longevity

  • Coaching videos

  • Interactive online coaching

  • Personalised Kettlebell & Bodyweight workouts designed for you

  • Access to 100+ tasty recipes

  • Email coaching & support

  • Access to the KEBOfit Community Group

100% Money Back Guarantee


Let me help make your investment easier. Look I know this system works, as do the hundreds of clients who have experienced these results for themsleves. 

I understand that you might still be skeptical, so I wan't to do everything I can to make this a no brainer, risk free decision for you. 


For that exact reason I have a 100% money back guarantee. 


If you follow the programme and guidelines set forth inside the nutritional manual and it's components, and still do not achieve the results you desire in terms of better quality sleep, better focus, increase in energy, inchloss, improved confidence and most importantly fat loss then you will get your money back. 


There are no hassles or hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund. 

This plan has changed my life, from the way I think about food & exercise to the fact that the scales are NOT the most important weightloss aid, your tape measure is! 

I also feel more in control with food, and definitely feel the daily posts keep you on track. I've completed two plans now, and I feel healthier on the inside and my skin looks fantastic.

I have lost 14lbs and 12 inches all over, 4.5 inches from my waist alone. The group and JB on the plan are an awesome inspiration. Thank you.

Nicky Malcolm


Morning....ok so i've actually awakened this morning to the scales not working!

Thing is i'm not bothered about that number anyway so didn't measure either as bought new clothes yesterday a size down from last month. Still a way to go  yet but can actually see myself getting to the size I want to be & being able to stay there.

The best decision I've made for myself in a long time was reading your ebook JB & signing up to the plan.

I was calorie counting, starving myself i'm really enjoying my food, exercising more than I ever have in my 40yrs (not sure if me and the kettlebells are best's so heavy).

Nearly everyday someone tells me how great I look which makes feel so fantastic. 

When I first started I think it was Linda Young who said TRUST THE MAN & HIS PLAN!! Never a truer word been spoken. Happy Sunday everyone.... no I will not go shopping for more clothes today

Debbie Innes Gorski


Please reload

  • What equipment do I need?
    365 caters for those who want to workout at home, in a gym or a combination of the two. As a bare minimum just your own bodyweight will do to start. There are kettlebell workouts that you can follow from home as well if you want to progress your training. If you want the best of both worlds then you have access to multiple gym training programmes that will help you transform your fitness and body shape.
  • Will I have to eat rabbit food to lose weight?
    Absolutely not, i'm a coach who enjoys my food so i'm not going to tell you to live your life like a hermit. I will obviously promote the power of real food but you'll also learn how to balance that around life and circumstances that may arise.
  • Online training doesn't work?
    This is something I see a lot, does PT or Online Coaching actually work? Well, YEP of course it bloody does (I mean if your coach is any good hint hint) But why? Here's what I think are the top 3 reasons: 1 - Accountability Having someone to keep you on track when you're pissing around does help. A LOT I'd go as far as WITHOUT high level accountability, that almost FORCES you to do what you said you would.... You're GUARANTEED to fail 2 - Expertise Trying to 'go it alone' and 'do your own thing' Has led you to the result you have right now - which lets face it.....SUCKS Seeking someone out who's BEEN THERE, DONE IT and worn the proverbial t-shirt... AND has helped a lot of other people do the same Well that's just plain SMART My results speak for themselves 3 - 'Skin in the game' The very act of paying somebody.... generally will result in increased adherence Why? well as with any investment (that's what joining 365 is) you want a RETURN ON THAT INVESTMENT Read through those again my friend and you'll get an idea in to why my 365 academy just FLAT OUT WORKS and it works like gangbusters because it has all 3 aspects * I MAKE SURE you do the work you said you would with what I call INTENSE accountability (I mean imagine having me on your case 24/7 making sure you eat right and train right? - scary) * I'M DAMN GOOD AT WHAT I DO again my results speak for themselves * and because of that? I only work with those who are ready to make these changes. Listen you can keep pissing around with your cheap gym membership and £10 an hour personal trainers Or you can get head turning transformational results If THAT ^^ is what you're after? What have you got to lose? My 365 Academy can help you get there.
  • I'm a woman will I get big like the incredible hulk?
    No, not unless you are on the juice or start taking testosterone supplements and increasing you rdaily calorie intake to at least 3000kcals. It will just not happen.... however any wobbly bits/trouble areas you have will tighten up and you will become firmer and leaner.
  • When will I start seeing result?
    We are all unique and change in different ways, however it really depends on what your current level of fitness is like and how much you stick to the nutritional guidance. Put it this way you should start feeling more energised, less bloated and noticing small changes within the first 7 days.
  • 25 minutes doesn't seem very long, will I really see results?"
    I'm 100% sure. Believe it or not, when you work out at high intensity using weights as well, you literally turn your body into a fat burning furnace. Your metabilism will be 'supercharged' for 24-48 hours following the workout as well. I have tried and tested these workouts on myself, my online and offline clients. They are proven to work without fail.
  • How does 365 work?
    Think of 365 as the online course that has no real ending. With your membership you get access to the online private group, the members area, progressive training programmes, monthly newsletter, recipes, kettlebell coaching, endless support, accountability and guidance along the way.
  • Is this the right fit for me?
    If you are a man or woman who is fed up of dieting, confused about what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise for maximum impact and how to create a sustainable lifestyle change free from fads and diets... 365 is 100% for you.
  • Am I tied into a lengthy contract?
    If you decide you want to cancel then you can do this just before your next billing date. **Please note: Unfortunately there are no pro-rata refunds if you wish to cancel part way through a billing cycle on monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • Will I get the support I need in a group environment?
    365 is created so that I can give you as close to 1:1 coaching as possible without the £500+ per month price tag. If you're active in the community, I will be on hand to answer your questions, give you technical feedback on your kettlebell technique and give you specific advice on fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. You can also lean on the community for extra support or to celebrate your wins.
  • I'm still not sure, it's a bit expensive?
    365 isn't one of these £10 a month membership subscriptions. 365 is a coaching programme with a coach. You have unlimited access to both home & gym programmes, nutrition advice, recipes, fitness articles, on demand home workouts as well as real time support from your coach. To work with me 1 on 1 either online or face to face you'll be looking at investing £400+ per month in coaching. 365 doesn't even come close to that and offers so much more, with continuous support. If you've seen what's included as part of 365 and do not see the value in it, then this is probably not for you.

Got any questions?

About the Coach

On the left:

  • Low self esteem

  • Let my career take a strangle hold on everything I did

  • Yearned for attention from others

  • Drank alcohol 4-5 times a week

  • Ate very poorly

  • Stayed up until 3-4am

  • Did zero exercise

On the right:

  • Strongest, happiest, healthiest i've ever been mentally & physically

  • Still drink alcohol but only every now and again (red wine fan)

  • Still eat literally WHATEVER I want (chocoholic), i'm just not stupid about it

  • I lift heavy things, mainly kettlebells

  • I invest in myself every single day

I've created the KEBOfit Academy along with all its nutritional components not to serve as another one of those traditional low calorie, restriction diets but to serve as a complete education in fitness, fat loss, nutrition and lifestyle. 

Not ready to commit? No problem, get my FREE Fat Loss Secrets Revealed Book and join hundreds of busy men & women who are using this book to get back into amazing shape and improving their health

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