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Discover how to lose weight and keep it off for good without all the
diets, gimmicks & confusion

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Inside the book I reveal the simplest (but most effective) techniques needed to have and feel:

  • More self-confident

  • More focussed and driven

  • More energy and motivation

  • Leaner, fitter and healthier

  • Happier and less stressed

What is KEBOfit?

KEBOfit is an EXCLUSIVE community, a lifestyle, a movement for driven men and women who no matter what your size, no matter what level of fitness you are at and no matter how big you feel the KEBOfit will keep you moving forwards toward a leaner, stronger healthier and fitter looking body.

I Want To Check Something With You First.....

Does this sound like you?

  • Lack energy

  • Get out of breath too easily

  • Struggle to fit into your favourite clothes

  • Fed up of jumping from one diet and fitness gimmick to the next

  • Want to feel leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier

  • Want to improve your lifestyle for the better

If you've answered YES to either of the above then keep reading, as this is definitely relevant to you.

In the next few minutes I am going to share with you some revolutionary secrets that I have only ever shared with my 1 on 1 and Online Coaching Clients. 


I suppose you could say that you are about to gain the ultimate advantage over everyone else. 


You will be in the the 1% bracket of men and women that are eating as they want (good food) exercising less than their gym fanatic friends and getting 10 times the results that anyone else is getting. Pretty awesome huh? 

My name is Jason Brownlie, former overweight guy, dad to 2 gorgeous daughters, husband and online coach helping busy men and women get back in amazing shape, improve their health and feel more confident about themselves without having to turn their lives upside down to do it.

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I am also an IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher, which is why I created KEBOfit. My coaching programmes include a unique and powerful combination of Kettlebell & Bodyweight training.


I love what I do and my own personal struggles and experience has enabled me to help men and women who are in the same situation that I once was.


You're about to gain access to a little known secret that only a select few men and women actually know about.


A proven system that specifically torches fat, gets your metabolism working like it used to providing you with a  natural boost in energy levels and even has your body burning more calories at rest than ever before.


Those that are 'in the know' have never looked back.


As a dad, husband, coach and former overweight guy.... I 100% get it!!

Time, kids, stress, work, tired, defeated etc etc etc.....

I hear it all the time - the reasons we feel overwhelmed and unable to stay motivated and on track.


The simple truth of the matter is that carefree days have been replaced by 24/7 responsibilities, marriage/relationships, a baby or two (or three), a mortgage and a boss who reminds you of all three.

Maybe you'll agree....

Pringles and chocolate bars that once disappeared in a puff of metabolic smoke now linger like an oil spill.

Get this >> did you know your physiological capacity - the overall performance of most of your body's systems decreases by around 1% per year from 30 onwards. 

Hence the pringle and chocolate hangover

Muscle mass decreases by 3 - 5% each decade after your 30's

So what can you do to safeguard this? 

If you think change IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Think again....

It's TOTALLY POSSIBLE to get on track, to get fit, to get more energy and feel AMAZING!

Yes you are going to have to fight for it and fight hard, just like you do every day in life. 

"Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give.... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward" ~ Rocky Balboa

You need to switch your focus to preventative fitness and a simple and sustainable approach to nutrition. 


Which is why I want to help you take back control just as I have using the very system that me, my wife and clients use to stay leaner and fitter in our 30's, 40's and beyond.

Say Goodbye To Calorie Counting And Diets - they suck!

The biggest problem that I come across with many of my clients is that they have been brainwashed into thinking that severely restricting calories is the most effective way to lose weight.
When your focus is on losing weight and not on losing fat, even though you can drop quite quickly there is a very high chance that it will come back (for reasons that I will go into later!) and it can come back with a vengeance and some....... 
Perhaps you have already experienced this?

This Proven System Was Actually Discovered By Accident!

You see, one of the reasons that I created KEBOfit is that I totally get the whole 'life is busy' statement.


Straight up, I really do!!


After all, I have 2 kids, run an online and offline business and finding time to workout is seriously challenging at times.


Which is why I wanted to help you take back control just as I have using the very system that I use to stay leaner, fitter and that allows me to compete in various obstacle race events across the UK.


"There just doesn't appear to be enough time!!"


Time is precious, I get that, so finding a way to get a 60 minute workout done in just 20 minutes has been one of my biggest and most enjoyable challenges to date.


I'll be honest with you I stumbled across this system by accident. It was in November 2005 and shortly after my eldest daughter was born. I was only just breaking into the fitness industry, I'd already been overweight in a previous life and it appeared those gym training days had gone and parenthood was in full effect, so me and my wife needed to find another way. 


"We're Two Busy Parents Just Trying To Bring Two Young Kids Up As Well" ~ Jason Brownlie Coach

In between night feeds, day feeds, nappies, full time jobs, studying (I was studying sports science at university), bath time, general running around like blue ass flies and I guess eating as well.


I started putting together short 20 minute body weight routines to do when the baby was in bed, after 6 weeks we had her sleeping through the night from 6pm until 6am the next morning, so it free'd up some time once she was down and once we'd got settled after a day's work. 


After just a few weeks, the effects of this kind of training were noticeable.


And so I started to log the workouts and improve on them, change them, make them more challenging.  




Well we added a second daughter to the clan and still use the same system today


The workouts advanced, as a fat loss coach my knowledge of training & nutrition increased and the addition of kettlebells in 2007 combined with bodyweight training have literally transformed my fitness, so much so i'm fitter now in my 40's than I ever was in my 20's. 

Bodyweight and kettlebell training go way back to the ancient days and have stood the test of time and so have the results that are produced from using them. 

Bodyweight training is where foundation strength is built and is incredibly effective at building lean muscle and burning fat.

Kettlebells build on this foundation strength. In fact, you will get the benefits of strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility all in one workout, and it is incredibly metabolically demanding which makes them unbeatable as a fat burner.


I suppose i'm not your average kind of coach... 


I mean 20 minute workouts, who knew? 


And all from combining big bang exercises together and reaping the rewards and benefits from the fantastic results that came out of the training.


It totally went against everything I had been doing in the past, but I kind of realised that I was on to something and that there must be others out there with lives as hectic as me and my wife's. 


POW! - Short Effective Workouts That Produced Amazing Results Were Born!!


So with a bit of fine tuning –  I ditched the exercises that seemed ineffective and kept with the ones that were getting the best results, using ourselves and then our clients as guinea pigs (My coaching clients did not mind as they were getting amazing results as well)


Don't Let Anyone Hold You Back And Tell You Otherwise


There are many many myths which has been one of the ways that the fitness industry has tried (and in most cases been successful) brainwashing us into thinking that anything less than a 60 minute workout is a waste of time.


In fact they have tricked most into thinking that the more sweat you can wring out of your clothes = the more effective the workout has been. Let me tell you something..... they lied, it's a myth.


Truth time....


Men naturally have 7 - 8 x the concentration of testosterone that women do. 


How many men struggle to gain muscle? 


Probably the majority of the men you know. So, if they are struggling with this significant advantage, you are not going to turn into the hulk overnight I can assure you. 


Training wise, if you were to put in a few effective resistance workouts per week (bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells) and you add some serious metabolic active income that further enhances your stores of metabolic passive income over the long haul. 


You see, trying to reduce fat without some kind of lean muscle is a bit like putting in lots of billable hours.


With billable hours you make money while you're working, once you punch out you're no longer making money. 


The same thing goes for forms of training, take your traditional kind of cardio such as jogging on a treadmill for example in which you are simply burning calories. Once you stop jogging the calorie burning stops.... that's it, zilcho more will be burned.


Contrast this with interval or resistance interval training in which you do an all out effort for thirty seconds or so and then you rest or work at a moderate pace for thirty seconds then go hard again. 


15 - 20 minutes of this form of intense training is a metabolic powerhouse and the benefits last way longer after the workout is over.


This is known as the 'After burn' effect, where more calories are burned over a prolonged period after the workout has ended, often up to 48 hours after.


This method of training also brings faster endurance gains in the short term. 


Bottom line, if you are short on time then this is the kind of training you want to focus on if you're going to win the battle against fat loss.

I have helped hundreds of men & women like you change their lives for the better. 

There comes a point where you have to take responsibility - this won't just happen by itself.

If you want to lose fat that seems to have appeared overnight but in reality has been years in the making then it is going to take some work.

I can guide you, support you, train you and get you the results you deserve from home, the gym or a combination of both, but you have to be ready for change.

Isn't it time to start putting this right now?





"If you have busy lives, fed up of confusing weight loss advice, then sign up for this you won't regret it. I lost 9lb on the bodyfuel plan and dropped a dress size last year. It will change the way you eat forever. Real good tasty food and workouts that burn fat and shape your body" ~ Ailsa


Jason's bodyfuel online coaching got me training in the comfort and privacy of my own home, starting from zero fitness.

Working through the phases to sorting out my diet/nutrition, getting started with bodyweight workouts on the 28 day plan and after a few weeks onto kettlebell training.

Jason's online coaching programme has helped me to transform my attitude to exercise and subsequently become much healthier and fitter than i've ever been.

In only a few months I dropped a size in jeans and my body is getting leaner week by week as I continue to workout under his guidance.

I'm much stronger now, in body as well as mind. 

The programmes are really informative, easy to follow and I felt supported throughout.

You do have to be ready to work on reaching your goals though, it's challenging but in a way that makes it all manageable. 

I'm delighted to have found Jason's training and support ~ L Ewan, UK


"Massive thank you to Jason Brownlie! I have been following the BODYFUEL plan for 4 weeks and have already had amazing results - I have lost a stone in weight, i'm down a dress size and feel fantastic. The 20 minute workouts are perfect for me as they fit in with the lifestyle of having a small child." ~ Wendy

Cilla before and after.jpg

​"KEBOfit has been a blast. It has been the best fitness programme I have ever tried and believe me I have bought every workout dvd, joined many gyms and tried every fad diet and the usual run to world.


STOP people.....these don't work...well they do for a short time! BODYFUEL has changed my way of looking at food and exercise and the results are amazing.

In only 4 weeks it has transformed me mentally and physically. The support from Jason is amazing, always on hand with advice to support you through.

This guy KNOWS what he's talking about. Also you have the support of others that are part of the JB party. 

The meals are so easy to follow and your never hungry. I was one of them mum's that said I've no time to keep fit, what I should have been saying is that I just could not be bothered.

So i'd say to everyone, no more excuses. This is a programme you really want to be on. What are you waiting for.

Cheers for the life changer JB.


P.S. I actually have a waist!!! ;0)" ~ C Taylor, UK



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Discover how to lose weight and keep it off for good
without all the dieting nonsense