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KEBOfit (pronounced key-bow) helps women from the UK and beyond to start building a slimmer, toned and fitter body... AND be the most confident, empowered and in control of their diet, health and lifestyle.

All without following a crazy crash diet, doing 6 gym sessions, 4 classes, 3 cardio sessions and a partridge in a pear tree per week. No more having a meltdown when the scales don't budge... OR cutting out foods you always crave on a diet (chocolate, pasta, ice cream and anything else you've been told is "bad" when dieting.

WHat makes kebofit stand out from the crowd?

KEBOfit combines the unique blend of KEttlebell and BOdyweight training to help men and women build serious endurance and a leaner, fitter body shape from home or the gym.

Image by Mathieu Chassara

Training with your own bodyweight and kettlebells will supercharge your fitness and performance by improving your strength and endurance.

Integrate your mind with your body, develop power, flexibility and technique learning how to use this awesome workout tool safely and effectively.

Kettlebells deliver the perfect combination of strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, explosive agility, stamina and fat loss.


No wasted time on isolation exercises at all.

Pure focus on the compound exercises that the strongest men and women have already proven to be highly beneficial.

You have a busy life so why complicate training?

So Why Combine Bodyweight Exercise With Kettlebell Training?

Two reasons.....

Reason One: Bodyweight training is incredibly effective for building muscle. Some would even argue that it's better than free weights. Bodyweight exercises don't wreck your joints as much as traditional weight training exercises can.

When it comes to your training, using your bodyweight initially serves as your foundation and is the driver of all of your other strengths and skills. Strength tools such as kettlebells are useless without having the proper bodyweight strength and conditioning foundation in place.

Reason Two: Kettlebells use the whole body as a complete unit. One movement engages many muscles. 

As a result many calories are used up. 

Kettlebells force the body to work as one, because of this weak links are revealed and fixed

The body then remains properly balanced

The benefits of training with kettlebells include:

- Unparalleled cardiovascular conditioning

- Strips body fat

- Builds lean muscle

- Extreme increase in strength & endurance

- Develops an iron like core

- Increased flexibility & agility

- Helps prevent injury

- Improved power & speed

Kettlebells are a fantastic training tool and no matter what your level of fitness is, you will see massive improvements in a short space of time.

Both of these training methods are perfect for the time poor individual. 

Kettlebell Workout

MEET JASON BROWNLIE (The Coach and founder of BODYFUEL)

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Every struggle you're facing when it comes to your health and fitness is one i've struggled to overcome in the past.

I used to be that person. 

You know the one.

> I made excuses to not look after myself

> I worked more hours than necessary

> I watched a gym membership come out of my account and never went

> I hated the job I was doing

> I drank way too much to numb the above reality

If you can relate to any of the above then today's the day that a decision is made to change. 

Back in 2001 I was an overweight, out of shape and tired wreck of a bloke. 

Confused about what foods to eat and what I was supposed to do when it came to getting fit.

I started to feel like it was taking over my life, but with no real results to show for the work I was putting in.

I got sick and tired of all the diet misinformation BS that we get bombarded with on a daily basis. 

Then I had the 'reality check', took the leap and sorted myself out. 

Check out the picture below:

On the left:

  • Low self esteem

  • Yearned for attention from others

  • Drank alcohol 4-5 nights a week

  • Ate poorly

  • Stayed up late

  • Skipped exercise

Fast forward to today, the picture on the right is where I am right now

  • Strongest, happiest and healthiest i've ever been mentally and physically

  • Still drink alcohol just not in excess

  • Still eat literally WHATEVER I want but again not in excess

  • Lift heavy things (mainly kettlebells)

  • Invest in myself EVERY SINGLE DAY

The pain, the frustrations and the struggles i've been through are the many reasons I am so passionate about my career in the fitness industry.

Your fitness journey should be fun and flexible, not rigid and miserable. 

If I can help transform even ONE life physically AND mentally for the better, then i've done my job.

Back in 2013 I founded the BODYFUEL Online Coaching Programme to help educate and empower people to have more control over their diet and training routine while giving them the flexibility of fitting training around their lives. 

BODYFUEL was ahead of it's time back then, considering the digital world we live in today. 

Today BODYFUEL has helped countless people across the UK and beyond to transform their lives.

I'd love to have you on the team, for further details about BODYFUEL and how it can benefit you click the 'LEARN MORE' tab below.

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