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The benefits and appeal of kettlebell training are many and varied, and so, on occasion are the reservations people have about using them.


Many people’s first impression of the kettlebell are that it looks scary and dangerous.


Well looks can be deceptive as this could not be further from the truth.


Granted when you see someone throwing a huge ball of iron around the gym you could be forgiven for having this same misconception, but the truth is that it is actually one of the best forms of building true functional fitness and rehabilitating muscular imbalances and injuries.


Any piece of training equipment can be dangerous if not used with correct technique and understanding all of its training principles. Any form of training is only as good the person using it or teaching it.


Yes a kettlebell needs to be treated with the utmost respect as it does place demands on the body that other forms of training do not.


This is why I am committed to giving you all the tools you need to train with the highest standard of safety and skill.


Another reason to train with kettlebells is the fact that you will get the benefits of strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility all in one workout, and it is incredibly metabolically demanding which makes it unbeatable as a fat burner.


Where else can you get all this in one from training?


Kettlebells deliver the perfect combination of strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, explosive agility, stamina and fat loss.



Kettlebells also give you the benefits of the Olympic lifts, which have always been an integral part of a coaches programming when training athletes, these lifts develop strength, speed and power.


The clean, snatch and jerk are far easier to master with a kettlebell than with an Olympic bar as this is very technical and can take years to master.


When you clean or snatch a kettlebell you also have to load the muscles eccentrically by catching the weight with the hips on its way back down, unlike a bar which is returned directly to the ground once the lift is completed.


The fact that you load the hips in this way and then have to concentrically contract them again to complete a kettlebell lift means you are training the powerful hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors to absorb ballistic shock and at the same time be explosive.


This is a great way to introduce these incredibly beneficial lifts into your own training without the risks or technical difficulty of the traditional Olympic lifts.


When you start training with kettlebells, you become a student of them, always learning, always practicing mastering your skill (often improving on it)


So that’s my first piece of advice – BE PREPARED TO PRACTICE

My intensive 4-Hour one on one coaching course will teach you how to workout with a kettlebell safely & effectively.  

You will learn how to:

  • Use a kettlebell safely and effectively for your own training or that of others

  • Perform a Kettlebell Squat & Deadlift with my squat & deadlift clinic

  • Execute the four important movements in kettlebell training: Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch

PLUS you will be given:

  • Technical breakdown for each exercise and continuous feedback throughout the workshop

  • BONUS exercises including the Kettlebell Thruster, Turkish Get Up & Kettlebell Row

Who this course is for:


  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use a kettlebell the right way

  • Busy people that want to be able to use a simple tool for improved endurance

  • Stay at home mums and dads that want to get fitter, leaner & stronger

  • People who want their mobility back, the freedom to move without aches and pains

  • Anyone who wants to take up kettlebell training seriously

Upon completion of the intensive you will receive:

  • Kettlebell Manual 

  • Modules & Tutorial Videos for each exercise so that you can continue your practice

  • Practice workouts

  • 4-weeks of post workshop support, technical analysis and video feedback on your technique so that you execute each exercise perfectly

  • 2 x online kettlebell coaching workouts via ZOOM to give you feedback on technique and to ensure you are ready to workout safely on your own or join me and my online kettlebell team every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm via ZOOM.​

How much does the 4-hour Kettlebell Intensive Coaching Course cost?

1 on 1 coaching online via ZOOM = £250

Train 1 on 1 (online via ZOOM) with a friend = £175 per person

Based in Perth, Scotland? 

1 on 1 coaching in a face to face setting = £330

1 on 1 coaching (face to face) with friend = £200 per person

Costs include personal coaching with a certified kettlebell teacher and everything you see above.

To book and discuss available days and times click the button below and get in contact.



Since 2013 BODYFUEL has helped 100's of men & women globally not only get back in shape but to regain their health, fitness & upgrade their entire lifestyle. With kettlebells being at the forefront of the BODYFUEL Coaching Programme.

The main purpose of the BODYFUEL Online Coaching Programme is to educate and empower men and women to have more control over their diet, training structure and lifestyle.

With this newfound knowledge and power you can finally start living a sustainable lifestyle free of diets, gimmicks and fads.

You will also receive mindset & cutting edge nutritional coaching that will finally help you break free from the shackles of the diet industry and allow you to be a free thinker while transforming the way you see food.

For more details and to join BODYFUEL click below.




Jason Brownlie is a UK based kettlebell teacher.

Since 2007, Jason has used kettlebells in his own training and his clients to help enhance their fitness results or prepare them for upcoming events. 

Former big box gym PT Jason was introduced to kettlebell training in 2007 and from the first swing of a kettlebell was instantly hooked. 

Over the years Jason seeked to work with very best in kettlebell coaching and learnt from them this includes the world renowned Steve Cotter of the IKFF. 

Jason certified as a Kettlebell teacher in 2012 and ever since has worked with hundreds of clients across the UK and beyond helping them achieve their goals, prepare for events or just to be strong in everyday life with kettlebell training. 

Many clients have gone on to become kettlebell coaches themselves due to finding their own passion for kettlebell training.

Jason will focus on perfect technique and will ensure that you perform every exercise safely and effectively before progressing you on.

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