“As a result I have lost over a stone in weight & have dropped 2 dress sizes :-). I feel im in the best shape I have been in years, I have more energy and I feel great. Thanks Jason”

~ Rachel, Perth

They Told You It Wasn't Possible To Lose Fat And Get Fitter, Leaner & Stronger By Only Working Out For 20 Minutes, 3 Days A Week For 90 Days

Guess What.... They Lied!

UK Trainer Creates A New Breakthrough System Where You Can Both Get STRONGER and LOSE FAT At The Same Time, This is Your Chance To Follow A Proven Kettlebell & Bodyweight Programme That Will Make You POUNDS LIGHTER, Have A TIGHTER & FIRMER Chest, Bum, Legs And Arms Whilst Melting Those Inches Away


This System Manipulates The Post Workout 'Afterburn' Effect Allowing Men and Women To Burn More Calories, Have More Energy And Feel 'Leaner' In Just 90 Days

JB 1.jpg

But first, i'm going to take a punt and guess right now that you've tried:


  • the DVD's

  • the dance classes

  • the gym pump classes

  • the treadmill

  • running

  • walking

  • sit ups & squat challenges

  • endless diets

  • juicing

  • shady shakes pretending to be meal replacements

  • Weight Watchers or Slimming World

  • and maybe even the odd gym programme


....... and as much as they may have worked for a while, none of it was long lasting?

As a result of this you may even be starting to believe that you are destined to be like this forever.

You put it down to middle age, life, work, having kids etc.

How long will you keep settling for mediocrity?


It's so exhausting just saying all of that let alone actually doing it all. 


From personal experience there are three reasons why people change.

1) They have learned a lot

2) They have suffered enough

3) Or they got tired of the same thing

The number one reason most people fail to reach their goals is that change is hard.

Change ONLY happens when you decide the pain of staying the same is GREATER than the pain of change.

When your health needs a shake up for the better.

When you've had enough of listening to your own excuses.

When you realise "the perfect time" doesn't exist.

The reality is, you've been THINKING about doing something about your health for a while now.

But that requires some level of change to take place. And like I said change is uncomfortable. 

Everybody wants change, but not many are willing to change.

Are you?


Investing in yourself will deliver the foundation necessary to make EVERYTHING in your life come easier and faster -- including that lean, strong, healthier look and defined physique you're looking to attain.

If you don't love the way you look, you'll never feel comfortable in your own skin. You won't have as much confidence during a hot night out on the town, and even in professional life.

Essentially, you're robbing yourself of opportunities in life such as:

- getting compliments
- fitting into the clothes you want with ease
- making friends in the workplace
- having fun with that someone special
- and feeling confident enough to step out of your comfort zone.


When it comes to your health you have a choice....

You can either choose to improve it instead of waiting for the perfect time or some kind of miracle. 


You can choose to stay exactly where you are for another week, month, 6 months or year.

When it comes to your fitness & lifestyle you have a choice.

Move more and start working towards that body that you want to see in the mirror.


You can keep placing obstacles in the way as to why you can't exercise or eat healthier.

Whatever the objective....

- fat loss
weight loss​
building muscle
running your first 10k
getting a promotion at work
- being a better example to your kids

You can either put in the required work & effort to achieve your goals.

Rise up and take the power back.

Finally dedicate yourself to a regular routine that will help you look, feel and perform at a level most people can only just imagine


Grab a tube of pringles, the remote control and veg out in front of Netflix and remain in this self imposed prison for a while longer.

You have a choice in all of this!!!



I want you to imagine:

  • Having complete control over how your body looks

  • Feeling healthier, leaner & stronger

  • Having more energy and being more productive at work

  • Being able to eat without feeling guilty

  • Fitting into smaller clothes

  • The feeling when others compliment you

  • Being better educated about food

  • Having better quality sleep

  • Enhanced metabolism, so you burn more fat at rest

  • Decreased stress and tension

  • Finally creating a sustainable lifestyle

  • Doing things you once thought was impossible

This is what happens when you invest in you and your health.

No man can go it alone. You need to be connected. You need a community. You need a coach.


Be honest how many diets, fads and gimmicks have you followed? 

Diets are simply quick fixes, let me explain......

If your diet requires you remove your favourite foods - IT WONT WORK!

If your diet requires you avoiding social events / eating out - IT WONT WORK!

If your diet damages your relationship with food and makes you see food as good or bad....

Or results in guilt when eating some foods....... IT WONT WORK!

If your diet requires you drink (rather than chew) most of your food - IT WONT WORK!

If your weight loss plan includes exercise you hate - IT WONT WORK!

It might 'WORK' for a week, a month, 6 months or even a year....

But if that's as long as it lasts before the weight creeps back on....

Or you start to revert to old habits/ways...



Look, I could give you all the information and fitness tips in the world.

I could give you all the motivational quotes and memes that will trigger you for 5 minutes so that you say "I really needed this today"

5 minutes later you're back to scrolling the abundance of crap on social media.

You say you want the truth.....

Truth is you probably can't handle the real truth...

Because it's not all fluffy clouds, rainbows and unicorns.

You probably didn't like the fact that I told you that the only person that can change you is YOU!

Nobody is going to save you... people can help you, but they can only help if you are ready to be helped. 

You need to identify WHY change is important to you. This goes way deeper than just "losing weight" and "toning up"

You probably won't like it if I said that you need to accept some kind of responsibility for where your health is right now. 

If that triggered you, then good, it does bother you after all!!!

And you most definitely won't like it when I tell you that there is hard work and effort needed in order to transform your health, body shape and lifestyle. 

Not just for a couple of weeks but long term.

They don't call it a forever or lifestyle change for nothing.

If you have people around you that rely on you then what use are you to them sick, lethargic and out of shape.

I don't say this to be harsh...

I say this because I care...

I say this because i've experienced being out of shape and being in shape. 

jb before and after.jpg

I choose my health every time, so I can give myself the best possible chance of longevity, old age with my wife and watch my kids grow up...

What do you choose?

So no, you don't need more information. You need to take some VERY SPECIFIC ACTION.

That's why I created BODYFUEL.

It's not about me.

It's about YOU and your journey.

Imagine How Different Your Life Could Be In Just A Few Short Months From Now....

If your training and diet finally produced the kind of results you wanted?

If you built a leaner, fitter, stronger body shape? 

Imagine being a better role model to your kids?

Imagine creating daily habits that last a lifetime?

IMG_0600 (1).jpg

What if You Could Finally:

  • Feel healthier

  • Look in the mirror and feel inflated

  • Have more energy

  • Eat without feeling guilty

  • Have a stronger immune system

  • Have more confidence in everything you do

  • Eat foods you love knowing they're going towards building a lean physique instead of them making you feel fat

  • Fit into smaller clothes

  • Being able to build muscle, or gain strength with ease

  • Have better quality skin

  • Be a better leader to those that need you

  • Feel less stressed

  • Be better educated about food

  • Lose stubborn, ugly body fat, and keep it off permanently

Would you take me up on that offer?

What Qualifies Me To Be Your Coach


I'll let you into a little secret, i'm a product of dieting culture.


I spent most of my 20's overweight, out of shape and unhappy, I would bury my misery in sh*tty food, forget about my day with booze, and then try to absolve my sins by dieting or getting on a treadmill for an hour.


I hated the person I saw in the mirror.

So I totally get where you are right now....

- Low levels of strength 

- Low self esteem

- Low levels of fitness

- Low levels of energy

- Probably confused about nutrition

No matter how many new so called 'diet hacks' I tried. I was still stuck.


Still that skinny fat bloke too ashamed to take his shirt off at the pool. 

Atkins, Paleo, Cabbage Diet (this just made me smell), Low Fat, Fasting, Shitty Slimfast, Zone Diet.....

Yep, just like you I was duped and told that there was some magical properties to these diets that made them work. I was told that these diets and endless cardio were the only way to lose weight.

What I never realised was that these diets were too restrictive. They didn't allow me to make choices for my well-being, they didn't give me the tools to enjoy and stick to my guns for the long term.

When I failed at what was supposed to be 'foolproof', i'd feel like a failure. If this method was so popular, there must be something wrong with me.

They all worked great for a few weeks and then it just as quickly fell apart. 

Same hamster, new wheel.

What I discovered was that it wasn't me.

I just needed to find another way that worked for me, that didn't deprive me of joy, and was healthy and sustainable and still made me lose weight and feel good.


What I found was, the best way begins and ends with you. Not some quick fix approach...these DO NOT work.


​​Consistent, measurable changes in lifestyle and choices do.


They aren't necessarily easy, but they don't have to be complicated either.

KEBOfit specialises in Kettlebell and Bodyweight training (hint: KEBO) these two methods of training are perfect for the busy man or woman because they deliver the perfect combination of strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, explosive agility, stamina and fat loss.

The aim of my BODYFUEL Plan is to strengthen your mind and belief in yourself as well as shaping and defining your body to help you look and feel your very best ALL year round.

This is the start of living your most healthy and authentic life.


BODYFUEL is the Ultimate Body Transformation Online Coaching Programme that helps men & women who are sick of the dieting BS and conflicting information from various authorities and 'celeb' insta famous trainers!!!

I'll help you create foundations for a lifetime of great health while naturally losing weight without dieting, to help achieve a new level of personal confidence and be able to step away from the media's depiction of what they 'should' be and how they 'should' look.


Finally YOU can get off the dieting roller coaster and live diet free.

This programme is all about strengthening your mind while helping you believe in yourself as well as shaping and defining your body to help you look and feel your very best ALL year round. 

BODYFUEL is all about building foundation strength, it will hold you accountable, making sure you follow through with achieving your goals.


Alongside the workouts, you'll receive coaching in nutrition and mentoring so you can be the best version of you. You've got this!!!


In this modern era, gimmicks, gadgets and fads linger like a lost fart until people get bored of them.

BODYFUEL focuses on helping you to be better educated in all areas of nutrition while combining this with kettlebell & bodyweight training to make one complete total mind and body transformation.

Bodyweight and kettlebell training go way back to the ancient days and have stood the test of time and so have the results that are produced from using them. 

Bodyweight training is where foundation strength is built and is incredibly effective at building lean muscle and burning fat.

Kettlebells build on this foundation strength. In fact, you will get the benefits of strength training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility all in one workout, and it is incredibly metabolically demanding which makes them unbeatable as a fat burner.


Put simply, kettlebells & bodyweight training deliver the perfect combination of strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, explosive agility, stamina and fat loss. Perfect for the time poor man and woman.

BODYFUEL has been designed as a three phase coaching system.


Phase One - Day 1 - 30: This phase focuses on building a stronger mindset, nutrition coaching & using bodyweight only workouts to build foundation strength, torch excess pounds and start gaining lean muscle.


Phase Two - Day 31 - 60: (Bodyweight & Kettlebell training) This phase builds on phase one by introducing a kettlebell into your training while continuing to focus on fuelling the training with a healthy lifestyle.


Phase Three - Day 61 -90: Phase three challenges you to push yourself further towards the finish line. At the end of this phase you'll be surprised how far you've come in such a short space of time. 


I'm passionate about you succeeding, probably more passionate than you are. This is NOT one of those products you buy and then forget about. This is a 90 day commitment, BODYFUEL is about you investing in your health, your fitness, your longevity on this planet and how improving these will IMPACT those around you.


So with that in mind: 


  • You can't commit and see things through

  • You're looking for a quick fix

  • You make constant excuses why you can't achieve goals and make changes

  • You have no interest in exercising 

  • You enjoy wasting time & money

Since 2014 KEBOfit has impacted the lives of 100's of men and women


Jason's online coaching got me training in the comfort and privacy of my own home, starting from zero fitness.

Working through the phases to sorting out my diet/nutrition, getting started with bodyweight workouts on the 28 day plan and after a few weeks onto kettlebell training.

Jason's online coaching programme has helped me to transform my attitude to exercise and subsequently become much healthier and fitter than i've ever been.

In only a few months I dropped a size in jeans and my body is getting leaner week by week as I continue to workout under his guidance.

I'm much stronger now, in body as well as mind. 

The programmes are really informative, easy to follow and I felt supported throughout.

You do have to be ready to work on reaching your goals though, it's challenging but in a way that makes it all manageable. 

I'm delighted to have found Jason's training and support ~ L Ewan, UK

Image by Mathieu Chassara


Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 09.05.24.png
imac 1.png
Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 10.19.58.png
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Three varied workouts every week so that you NEVER GET BORED and your body NEVER ADAPTS


All kettlebell exercises are coached via video tutorials for each one

Workout from your TV,iPad, iMac, Laptop or Smart-Phone from anywhere in the world

Workouts can be done from home or the garden in 20-25 minutes, this means no more marathon sessions in the gym

Food photography


Meals that the whole family can enjoy

Never be stuck for food ideas again

Bulk prep meals, choose your favourites and repeat them, mix it up

A mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

Recipes cater primarily for meat eaters but there are vegetarian options and meat recipes can be replaced by alternatives



It's time to create a sustainable lifestyle

Mindset, eating out, water, booze, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle tips...you name it you'll be coached on  it

With this newfound knowledge you'll never need to diet again!!!

Take back control, empower yourself and learn while you continue to see and feel the results after the programme has finished

Couple with Laptop
iphone x.png


Share experiences, make new friends and be there for each other

Join like-minded people who are all on the same journey as you

A great source of support, motivation & accountability

The coach in the group with you to check in, support & advise you

The perfect place to share your successes, experiences, workout tips, right down to struggles

Special Free Bonus

Natural Marble Tablet Mockup Workshop Instagram Post.png

When you join today you'll also get a FREE copy of The BODYFUEL Nutrition Guide. 

Inside you'll find my 30 day reset plan that I give to all my private coaching clients to improve gut health, inflammation and reduce pain.

This is like a nutrition bible and removes all the stress from your life.

woman kb garden.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 11.05.59.png
imac 1.png


Beautiful minds connect - inspire - support


"BODYFUEL is an INCLUSIVE community, a lifestyle, a movement for driven men & women who no matter what your size, no matter what level of fitness you are at and no matter how big you feel the KEBOfit will keep you moving forwards toward a leaner, stronger healthier and fitter looking body" ~ Jason Brownlie Coach

Start The BODYFUEL Plan For £99

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Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 09.15.29.PNG
Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 08.10.52.png
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Natural Marble Tablet Mockup Workshop Instagram Post.png




Join today & get these bonuses...


BONUS #1 - UNLIMITED Email Support 

It will be like having a coach in your back pocket whenever you need them.


BONUS #2 - I will give you your very own cookbook, loaded with 90 tasty and delicious recipes.



Your very own bible to nutrition.

"How are you so sure this plan works?"

(This is what happens when you combine an unbreakable mindset, better nutrition habits, kettlebells & bodyweight training)



I joined a totally unfit 51yr old ,thanks to Jason I am now leaner and fitter than I have been in years,not only that but there is plenty of support and encouragement



“Wish I had discovered BODYFUEL years ago, it's not a plan to me nowadays, it's a way of life. Energy levels through the roof, always good nutritious food on my plate, feeling so much better physically and mentally. What more could a body ask for?”

barry transform.jpg


“I couldn't have imagined the change in my body has come without me lifting heavy weights at the gym”





Let me help make this easy for you. Look I know this system works, as do the hundreds of clients who have experienced these results for themselves. 

I understand that you might still be skeptical, so I wan't to do everything I can to make this a no brainer, risk free decision for you. 


For that exact reason I have a 100% money back guarantee. 


If you follow the programme and guidelines set forth inside the nutritional manual and it's components, and still do not achieve the results you desire in terms of better quality sleep, better focus, increase in energy, inchloss, improved confidence and most importantly fat loss then you will get your money back. 


There are no hassles or hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund. 


How much is this programme?

£99 for the entire 90 days and includes everything you see above.

Is this programme for men & women?

This programme is for both men and women who are looking to have a leaner, stronger body shape, improve their health, have more energy and feel more confident about themselves

How does the programme work?

BODYFUEL is a three phase coaching programme designed to help you complete a full body and mind transformation. 


This is perfect for those who want to lose fat, build muscle and want a simple and sustainable approach to fitness and nutrition.

How long are the workouts?

Each workout is around 20-25 minutes long and you will be given 3 follow along workouts per week during phase one. 

Do I need equipment?

Phase One you just need your own bodyweight. Phase two & three you will need a kettlebell. 

You will be given a Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training once you join the programme which will give you all the information you need about kettlebells.

I'm a fussy eater, what if I don't like the food?

You will be given an entire food list with over 100 foods that you can swap in and out of your plan. The meal plans given as part of the plan are mere examples to work by

Can I still do other activity around the workouts?

Absolutely, if you enjoy running, walking, hiking, swimming and cycling go for it. You are encouraged to be active around your training.

What results am I likely to see?

This all depends on you and your adherence to the programme. The average weight loss is between 15 - 24lbs and 10-15 inches from the entire body

What kind of food will I be eating?

An average day could look like this:

Breakfast: Egg & salmon frittata, egg and bacon on toast or cinnamon porridge and banana

Lunch: Cheese & Ham pitta rolls, veggie soup, beef stir fry, or prawn & mango salad

Dinner: Spagetti bolognaise, coconut chicken curry, beef casserole or shepherds pie

Snack: Fruit & yoghurt bowl, chicken slices or apple & peanut butter

Hydration: 10-12 cups of water

This is just an example

How do you know this will work for me?

This question all depends on you. How consistent you are with your training, nutrition and how much of the advice and guidance you take on board.

Can I pay in installments?

No, sorry BODYFUEL is a one time only payment.

Have Questions Of Your Own?

Ask The Coach