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WANTED: Over 30's Men & Women From Perth Who Want To Drop The Unwanted Inches, Have More Energy, Improve Their Health And Fitness, And Feel More Confident Than They Have In Years?

If So 'THIS' Is Perfect For You!!



STARTS 16th June - Limited Places

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The KEBOfit Outdoor Fitness Camp - Perth is an EXCLUSIVE community, a lifestyle, a movement for driven over 30's men and women who no matter what your size, no matter what level of fitness you are at and no matter how big you feel the Perth team will keep you moving forwards toward a leaner, stronger healthier and fitter looking body.

So Who Exactly Is This For?

  • Would you LOVE to feel confident again. Confident with your clothes on and even more confident with your clothes off 😉💪

  • ​Want to rediscover that zest for life. To wake up in the morning, jumping out of bed and look forward to the day ahead [rather than hitting snooze!]

  • ​Those that have a few items of clothing [A slim fit shirt or skinny jeans] tucked away somewhere that you would love to squeeze back into [that's why you're keeping them after all?]

  • ​Deep down you want to prove to your friends and family that you CAN do this. And that you're NOT a failure. But most importantly you want to prove it to YOURSELF.

  • Want MORE Health

  • ​Want MORE Happiness

  • ​Want MORE Respect

  • ​Want A MORE Lean & Stronger Body 

  • ​Want MORE Confidence

  • ​Want MORE Energy

  • ​Want MORE Success

  • ​Want MORE Belief 

  • ​Basically This Programme Is For Those Who Want MORE For Themselves!

What You Will Get On The Programme

  • Drop 12-19lbs without having to starve yourself on rice cakes and lettuce

  • ​Drop 1-2 dress sizes

  • Get into the BEST Shape of your life

  • Lose 5-10 inches from your waist

  • Reduce cellulite from your legs

  • FAT LOSS WORKOUTS: 18 fully coached outdoor workouts over 6-weeks that help burn fat, build muscle, support your immune system and metabolism with a highly qualified and experienced expert coach 💃🏻💦 

Training Days & Times:

Monday & Wednesday: 6:15am-7am/6:30pm-7:15pm

Saturday: 7:30am-8:30am

You have access to three sessions per week. For best results I recommend 2-3 sessions a week 

Location: North Inch Park

  • THE OUTDOOR GYM: All of your training takes place outdoors with plenty of space and fresh air

  • LIFESTYLE NUTRITION: 100 Recipes, Nutrition guidelines / flexible meal plans to suit your likes and dislikes / online nutrition coaching & support 

  •  ULTIMATE FOCUS: Mindset, Focus and Motivation tools so that you stay on track throughout 

  •  ACCOUNTABILITY: Regular measurement and weight readings so we can make sure you hit your goals

  • COMMUNITY: Continuous access and support with the rest of the Perth community page where everyone helps, inspires and motivates each other 

  • ONLINE COACHING: You will be fully supported and will receive daily coaching so that you get the very best service, advice and accountability


  • Feeling healthier

  • Looking in the mirror and feeling inflated

  • Having more energy

  • Being able to eat without feeling guilty

  • Having a stronger immune system

  • How good it will feel to eat foods you love knowing that they're going towards building a lean physique instead of worrying about them making you feel fat

  • Fitting into smaller clothes

  • Better quality skin

  • Being able to lose fat or build muscle, or gain strength with ease

  • The feeling when others compliment you

  • Being better educated about food

  • Having better quality sleep

  • Enhanced metabolism, so you burn more fat at rest

  • Decreased stress and tension

  • Finally creating a sustainable lifestyle

  • Massively increase your confidence



You Can Get All This For Just £99

Are You Ready To Feel Happier, Healthier & Stronger?
Join The 16th June Intake Today

Join Today For £99

We Only Accept 5 People At A Time

To Join The Next Programme Click The "SIGN ME UP" Button Below 

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Meet Emma 👋


“I joined the Perth Camp to find some much needed energy and fitness me-time juggling work and 3 young children. 

The times of the sessions work well with our busy schedule and seeing the same group of friendly people each time helps keeps me motivated to turn up no matter what the weather. 

Taking the time to review my nutrition was quite an eyeopener and the benefits of changing my eating have been an unexpected bonus during the 6 weeks. 

The coaching emails have been full of great nuggets of advice and have kept me accountable and more focussed on sticking to the programme. 

I am feeling fitter and now eating to fuel my days which I can picture continuing for the longterm. 

I would highly recommend giving the 6 week programme a try.” ~ Emma

Meet Lisa 👋

Meet Shara 👋

"Lost 8lb my first week, another 3lb the second week and 2lb off this week! So a total of 13lb in 3 weeks, just 1lb off my stone target but will reach it next week hopefully! 12.5 inches lost altogether as well, overall, a very chuffed lady" ~ Shara




200% mbg.png

Let me help make this easy for you. Look I know this system works, as do the hundreds of clients who have experienced these results for themselves. 

I understand that you might still be skeptical, so I want to do everything I can to make this a no brainer, risk free decision for you. 


For that exact reason I have a 200% money back guarantee. That's how confident I am that this programme works, no other coach will have the confidence to offer double your money back.


If you follow the programme and guidelines set forth inside the nutritional manual and it's components, and still do not achieve the results you desire in terms of better quality sleep, better focus, increase in energy, inchloss, improved confidence and most importantly fat loss then you will get your money back. 


There are no hassles or hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund. 

Join Today For Just £99

Click The "SIGN ME UP" Button Below To Get Started



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