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What Is The KEBOfit Academy

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The KEBOfit Academy is a COMPLETE Online Body Transformation Programme based on years of training & research where you'll learn about healthy foods, the role they play in proper nutrition and how to create a sustainable lifestyle change.


The KEBOfit Academy specialises in Kettlebell and Bodyweight training (hint: KEBO) these two methods of training are perfect for the busy man or woman because they deliver the perfect combination of strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, explosive agility, stamina and fat loss and this can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

KEBOfit is all about strengthening your mind and belief in yourself as well as shaping and defining your body to help you look and feel your very best ALL year round. 

Who Is The Academy for?

KEBOfit members all have specific wants & needs, these change over time with progression but as a rule I see 3 types of member. 

  • Academy members who have wasted far to many years going round and round on the dieting roller coaster. These members are fed up of the ways of the slimming industry and have reached the final straw, instead they want a simple & stress free approach to being the best version of themselves through nutrition & fitness.

  • Academy members who have broken free from the chains of the diet mindset and who have started to embrace the academy lifestyle. They now want progressive and challenging Kettlebell & Bodyweight workouts & continued nutritional support.

  • Academy members who are fit and active and are now at a level where they are training specifically for events/challenges that they once deemed impossible to achieve. These members now require an intense coaching style and a more hands on approach to help them train for their best ever physique.

The KEBOfit Academy is an EXCLUSIVE community, a lifestyle, a movement for driven parents and busy professionals who no matter what your size, no matter what level of fitness you are at and no matter how big you feel the KEBOfit Academy will keep you moving forwards toward a leaner, stronger healthier and fitter looking body.

See And Feel 'Proven' Results With The KEBOfit Academy

Self-Paced Kettlebell & Bodyweight Coaching Programme

Goal Setting & Measurement Tracking

Online Coaching & Support

Workout & Nutrition Plans

Workouts For All Levels

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60+ On Demand Workouts

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